- Above is the latest Mind of McAfee video featuring Pat McAfee talking about his first WWE road trip. McAfee hosted the first WWE Watch Along for Fastlane and then headed to RAW the next night to watch the show from the front row.

- WWE is auctioning Ric Flair's 70th birthday championship title that appeared on RAW a couple weeks ago. Flair never made it to the ring to receive the title thanks to Batista's backstage attack in an attempt to get Triple H's attention. The title is also signed by the WWE Hall of Famer and is currently at $4,110.

- At Fastlane, WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix joined commentary for the WWE Women's Title match and would be on the receiving end of an attack from Tamina and Nia Jax after the match. On this past Monday's RAW, Phoenix joined Natalya for her singles match against Tamina and got involved in the match shortly after the bell rang, clearly a match is in the works between the two teams. On Twitter, Nia didn't appreciate Phoenix jumping back into the division when there are others in the back waiting for their chance.

"How about you shut up Beth Phoenix NOBODY wants you here. Nice of you to just come back when we have PLENTY of talented women sitting in the back just waiting on their chance, but please...just step right back in the picture."

Phoenix responded, "If you're scared say you're scared, kid."