The fact that Chyna is deserving to go into the WWE Hall of Fame really isn’t up for debate. But ever since her death there has been speculation as to if WWE would ever pull the trigger and induct The Ninth Wonder of the World into the Hall of Fame.

They have given the thumbs-up for Chyna to posthumously get inducted albeit it will be as a member of Degeneration X instead of as an individual. Many people are unhappy that Chyna isn’t going in on her own, but Billy Gunn says we should just be grateful that she’s going in at all.

“Let’s just be happy and take it all in that she’s going,” Gunn said to Chris Van Vliet. “This will open the door for her to go by herself. I feel like there would have been a major league riot if they had put all of DX in and not put her in and I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’m not going without her. We were that good of friends and I’ve had this discussion with my wife. Luckily she’s going in and I don’t have to make that decision because she was a super close friend of mine, probably my best friend.”

Gunn’s comments echo those of fellow DX member and inductee Sean Waltman. The former X-Pac said he hopes fans are grateful Chyna’s going in with DX and they should take her induction as a win.

The reason for not inducting Chyna in as an individual always goes back to what she did outside of wrestling and specifically her adult film career. WWE can always use that excuse for keeping her out, but Gunn admits he was no saint outside of the ring either.

“But it doesn’t matter what we do outside of wrestling,” stated Gunn. “I was not the poster boy for anything at all. Like we all have made mistakes and we all have taken paths that we wish we wouldn’t but we all eventually, hopefully we find our way back. She found her way back, I found my way back, Brian [Road Dogg] found his way back and now we all go in the Hall of Fame. We go in the Hall of Fame because of what we did in wrestling.”

The 2019 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will take place on Saturday, April 6 in New York during WrestleMania Weekend. The person who will be inducting DX into the Hall of Fame hasn’t been announced yet, but Sean Waltman said that Mike Tyson would be a good choice.

Source: Chris Van Vliet