Brandi Rhodes recently spoke with Muscle & Fitness to promote All Elite Wrestling. She declared AEW to be the new alternative in the pro wrestling business.

“All Elite Wrestling is the new alternative in the professional wrestling business,” Brandi said. “For the longest time, there has been mainly just one force driving the professional wrestling industry and the people behind. All Elite really just wanted to provide an alternative for people who were looking for anything different, and what we offer is some of the best talent in the entire world?male and female.”

Regarding women in AEW, Rhodes said they will definitely have a larger role in the promotion, both in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes. She said women in AEW won’t have to worry about what will happen to them in 10 years down the line, or if they get injured and can’t get in the ring.

“For female wrestlers, it’s always such a thin line, because every sport has its age limits, but when it comes to women, we seem to reach those age limits more quickly,” Rhodes said. “So making the choice to be involved in the pro wrestling industry is always looked at as a short-lived choice, and there are very few and far in between opportunities to continue a career in wrestling if your time is up as a wrestler, as a female.”

Rhodes continued and said the women of AEW will have opportunities to stay in the business long after their prime. She said, “What All Elite Wrestling does is it just creates more opportunities for women. We’re obviously a growing organization, and we plan to be around for a long time to come. It’s just going to provide that much more opportunity for these women to continue to be in the industry that they grown to love, and most of us don’t want to put it down at some point.”

AEW’s Chief Branding Officer also hyped the big Double Or Nothing event that takes place on May 25 in Las Vegas, promising that it will showcase so much of what the AEW identity is going to be.

“This is the first, inaugural event for AEW,” Rhodes said. “There’s really a lot weighing on it, because it’s going to showcase so much of what the identity of AEW is going to be going forward. People are going to be able to look forward to some of the best wrestling that they’ve ever seen?male and female matches. They’re going to get introduced to a lot of brand new talent that they may have not seen before. They’re going to see a lot of their favorites really going to be a grand display of everything that’s to come with this company.”

Source: Muscle & Fitness