Just how far can Being The Elite push the envelope when it comes to talking about WWE? In the opinion of Cody Rhodes, BTE has been more than fair when cracking jokes at the biggest pro wrestling promotion in the world.

If you can't make fun of WWE than who can you make fun of?

In an interview with the New York Post, Rhodes was asked why BTE makes fun of themselves and AEW, but also why they feel can poke at WWE as well.

"If you're able to have fun with yourself, nobody is safe from BTE," Rhodes said. "BTE is, on a personal level, super valuable to me because I try to be the most aware person ever and that means aware of the things that are wrong with me and BTE is one of the best things because it's brought it out. It's brought out my ego and these silly little things about wrestling.

"I think we take it pretty lightly on WWE. The more we do stuff with AEW, the more we are like, 'Well, that joke, we don't need it.' But there's some stuff because they have been in power for two decades and even more than that really without any competition, and I'm not dismissing that run TNA had during the Spike time. I'm just saying it was a blip to them versus the situation with the type of backing and the type of partners that WWE thinks we have and they're right."

Rhodes continued, "I think we take it pretty lightly. Like I was saying, they've had no one make fun of it. It's been so taboo, so afraid to say anything about them, especially from a talent perspective to talk about it.

"We're going to make mistakes, but there are some funny stuff that's out there that's cool to bring up. A lot of it though, if you bring Triple H on 'Being the Elite,' Triple H is a pretty over character. I'm sure he's not pissed off about that. I'm sure he's flattered. He knocked me out. He possessed me. I don't even know how it worked.

"So I'm sure that will continue. The people who get the biggest kick out of that are the guys who work for WWE."

You can only poke the bear so much before it bites back. When AEW lands a TV deal, it will be interesting to see if that changes the tone of what is talked about on BTE.

Despite the playful back and forth BTE has with WWE topics, Rhodes is without a doubt happy that one ex-WWE star in particular is now part of AEW. When asked about the importance of AEW signing Chris Jericho, Rhodes didn't understate it.

"Chris Jericho is always gonna be the same," Rhodes said. "There is a reason he's closed out a WrestleMania. He's very, very, very involved and he's very smart and very fair.

"I think heavy, heavy, heavy disagreements with me and Chris Jericho. I have a ton of respect for him, but we disagree on a great deal. But him coming to AEW is a huge endorsement, massive. This guy, I grew up watching him and to watch him at that rally, it was MJF [Maxwell Jacob Freeman] who he walked by. To watch MJF, who doesn't sell anything, and literally his eyes light up so it was a surprise. That to me is a big endorsement.

"He's not wrong when he says he's the bridge between the fans we have and the fans we don't and I'm glad to have him [Jericho]. He's kind of a dľk, but I'm glad to have him."

Rhodes was recently a guest on Wrestling Inc.'s WINCLY podcast, where he discussed AEW's potential TV deal, recovering from his injury, scouting talent, and more.

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