DAGA Talks The Future Of Lucha Underground, Possibly Working With AEW

No one is quite sure about the future of Lucha Underground, but they will be represented at Impact Wrestling's United we Stand event in April. One of those people who will be representing Lucha Underground is long-time Lucha Libre wrestler DAGA.


DAGA joined our WINCLY to discuss working United We Stand and if he's heard anything about Lucha Underground returning for another season.

"We finished Season 4 in 2018. To be honest, I don't hear anything yet but I hope they come back to do another season," DAGA said of Lucha Underground.

DAGA is looking forward to representing the lucha style at United We Stand as he gets to team with his friends against some of the best Impact has to offer.

"I'm gonna represent the Lucha Underground team with my friends?and face the top guys on Impact," stated DAGA. "It's a pleasure to me to face the champion, Johnny Impact, and top guys like Eddie Edwards."

DAGA said that he last worked with Edwards about eight years ago and he discussed the ramifications if Team Lucha Underground defeats Team Impact.


"Man, if that happens it's gonna be huge. I'm sure we can do that as we have the advantage that we are really fast while they are big guys. If we go to Impact and beat the Impact team, that would be huge," said DAGA.

With AEW currently scouting talent to fill out their roster, they are undoubtedly looking in DAGA's direction. He was asked if he has had any talks with AEW.

"Not really," revealed DAGA. "My way into the States was a little different because when they did Lucha Underground I had a knee injury that took me outside the ring for a long time.

"I'm working with Impact now a couple of days, but I hope at one point I can be full-time."

With his work in Mexico with AAA and also in Japan with Dragon Gate, DAGA has another goal as he looks to grow his wrestling profile.

"The only thing I want is to grow in the American market now," stated DAGA.

Before appearing at the upcoming United We Stand, DAGA had an earlier opportunity to work for Impact Wrestling. He wrestled alongside LAX against the Lucha Bros down in Mexico and he discussed what it's like to face that team.

"Facing the Lucha Bros is interesting because it's always a challenge to face them?.I know them very good and they know me very good," DAGA said before adding that both sides know both the strong and weak points of the other which makes things challenging.


The Lucha Bros have come a long way in a short amount of time and are now seemingly a part of every promotion outside of WWE. DAGA talked about the meteoric rise of the brothers who he has known for a very long time.

"They are my friends and one thing a lot of people that don't know is that we were neighbors back in the day. We met 13 years ago and had matches since day one," said DAGA.

DAGA then praised Lucha Underground for paving the way for the Lucha Bros' success while also commending the brothers for taking their careers to an even greater level.

"Most of the success they had was when Lucha Underground opened the door to Lucha Libre. But after that, they took control of their own careers and to me they are the best tag team in the world," said DAGA.

The full audio of our exclusive interview with DAGA aired on a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard in the embedded player below. In the full interview DAGA discusses the future of Lucha Underground, his goals in Impact Wrestling, the launch of AEW, the success of his childhood friends the Lucha Bros, his girlfriend Tessa Blanchard and more.

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