Dana Brooke took to Twitter today and issued a statement on last night's WWE RAW segment with RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey. Brooke interrupted a heel promo by Rousey and confronted her in the ring. Dana talked about how much she loves WWE and how she wouldn't let Rousey disrespect the company, and then accepted a challenge that had not been issued yet. The segment ended with Rousey manhandling Brooke.

Brooke wrote on Twitter today and said she's not done with Rousey. She called Rousey out for using adult language when she has little girls watching her as a role model. Dana also said we saw the real her (Ashley Sebera) on RAW last night, and she went on about how she loves the business and will never be a "disgraceful b---h" like the current RAW Women's Champion. You can see her full statement below:

"'SHE IS STRONG BUT SHE IS TIRED' - take a look in my eyes.... Last night I HAD NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE! I meant every word I said... I felt like I was going to cry, but I wanted to be BRAVE for all of YOU... I wanted to use my platform to be the voice of ALLL #wweuniverse ! -Listen, we only expose so much on social media, but behind close doors we face so much! Last night, you heard 'Ashley' you heard the true passion behind my heart that is bottled up inside 'DANA'... I wanted you all to see ME.. everyday I look like this, not heavy makeup, hair up in the gym grinding away to look the best I can & be the best I can be . Most of you know what I have been through in the past year in a half, I lost & loved , I lost vision, I wasn't comfortable, here I am now- this is me... @rondarousey .. you might think you are the baddest woman, is it because you cuss and play tough girl, how can little girls want to be like you!? Are you tough because you think you make your rules here because no one will stand up to you !? Let me tell you something sister, I respected you, from the moment you walked into the locker room, I told you leave your bags here, we are a family no one will ever mess with your stuff, you were shocked... Now I know why, because you are the one who would destroy others, you are the one who would play nasty games and destroy personal property, and you are the one to disown OUR family and leave, you knew alllllll along your nasty plan, but I will never ever back down... I might get my "ass" kicked .. but they say 'what doesn't kill me makes me stronger' - I woke up this morning blessed and have a sigh of relief because I left my feelings all out there nothing left to lose.. while you probably feel like a POS deep inside, I am not done with you, run and hide- but you don't belong here if you don't respect it! I will stand up for what I believe if it kills me but I will speak on the behalf of millions who have felt this way!!! @wwe I love this business & I will never be a disgraceful B*+% like our 'fake' champion!"