It’s been over three years since David Otunga last performed in a WWE ring as he’s transitioned into broadcasting. Otunga is a pre-show panelist for pay-per-views and occasionally does commentary as it appears his wrestling days are over.

Otunga is just 38 years old so he’s certainly still young enough to remain an active competitor, but he seems content with his current position. He talked with Chris Van Vliet about the end of his in-ring career and if he’s okay with the fact that his last match was at a nondescript house show against R-Truth.

“I’m ok with it,” admitted Otunga. “Obviously if there was like a cool storyline or a cool opportunity then yeah, definitely. But I’m cool with it though too.”

Otunga’s final match came in July 2015 when he was pinned by R-Truth on WWE’s SummerSlam Heatwave Tour. Otunga had become essentially a jobber at that point as the last time he was actually victorious in a match came way back in 2012 when he was on the winning team in a Survivor Series elimination match.

In that match Otunga was actually an injury replacement for Cody Rhodes and Otunga also weighed in on what Cody is doing with All Elite Wrestling.

“I just want to say that Cody, I think that guy is fascinating to me,” stated Otunga. “You have to respect him and everything he’s done and he’s doing. He has a vision and he’s actually making this happen.

“Like you hear people talking like ‘Man, we should start our own promotion.’ Yeah ok, whatever, you’re not actually going to do it. Cody is actually doing it. That’s pretty admirable man.”