As seen above, Dean Ambrose made a surprise appearance at the Allstate Arena after this week’s WWE RAW went off the air.

The closing RAW segment saw Drew McIntyre make his exit after the main event win over Seth Rollins. Baron Corbin hit the ring after RAW went off the air and started attacking Rollins. Ambrose would then make the save for Rollins and the two took turns on Corbin to send him retreating.

Reader Mr. Rez sent word that a small “Don’t go Dean!” chant broke out after the fight. Ambrose went to the corners of the ring and waved, then bowed to the crowd. He also threw a few kisses to the crowd before walking up the ramp with Rollins. Rollins raised Ambrose’s arm on the stage. Ambrose then ran over to the announce table to wave to fans on the upper balcony. Ambrose went back around and high-fived some fans, then waved some more before going to the back. Mr. Rez noted that this felt like a farewell from Ambrose to the Chicago crowd.