Eli Drake On Possibly Signing With WWE Or AEW After Impact Contract Expires In May

Former Impact Wrestling World Champion, Eli Drake, recently sat down with The Wrestling Perspective podcast to talk about his status with the company. After revealing that his contract has nearly expired, Drake mulled over some potential options on where he may be performing next.

Drake looks back at his past year in Impact Wrestling as one of his more lackluster ones. He believes that one of the sole reasons he's been kept on TV and relevant is because of his ability to talk on the mic.

"There is a way to keep a talent elevated even while you're elevating others... I'll be honest, the exception over the last few months, I've been written kind of in to oblivion in the last year," Drake said. "Fortunately, the fact that I can speak has kept me over – has kept me relevant to some degree. But otherwise, a lot of it stemmed from the fact that it was believed that I was leaving. I even thought that I was going to be leaving. At the last minute, I did an inventory of everything and I said, 'You know what? I'm going to stay here.'"

Despite challenging for the Impact World Title throughout the Spring of 2018, Eli remembers his place on the card being lowered after signing this most recent contract with the company. In the more recent months with Impact, he's been more engaged by the stars he's worked with, like Abyss and Eddie Edwards.

"I was thinking, there's probably going to be a level of happiness and appreciation and, 'Oh great, well now we can use him in this great way!' And then it was like, no, we'll feed him to Joe Hendry. And I'm like, why?" Drake asked. "And in the last couple months, I've enjoyed myself very, very much – the stuff with Abyss, the stuff with Eddie, everything's been good...[But] if you watched this show between last April and this past December, you'd have no idea I was the World Champion the year before. And that's where I think there is a giant disconnect, for my character in particular."

Drake saw recent rumors about WWE's interest in his talents, and although he's flattered, he's confused where the rumors originated from. Eli does indeed have friends within the company, even some of the coaches, but there hasn't been any formal offers from WWE.

"I looked at [the rumor that WWE was interested in Eli Drake], and I'm like, 'Well, nobody's contacted me! So, what's the source?'" Drake joked. "I mean, I've talked to people there that I'm friendly with, or, whatever, certain coaches that I'm friendly with and stuff like that. Definitely people have been like, 'I think you would do well here', but nobody has overtly made me an offer. There was nothing like that."

Even if he was potentially offered a contract by WWE, Drake explained that he wants to weigh all of his options before making a final decision on where to go when his contract with Impact expires. He even mentioned how AEW is an option that he may look in to.

"I know AEW is out there, all of that stuff, so, the fact is, there's a lot of options at this point," Drake explained. "This is a time where, truth be told, I run up on May 31 at Impact, so, if that's the case, it's time to start thinking about what options I have, things like that."

You can listen to the full interview below. If you use any quotes from the article, please give credit to The Wrestling Perspective with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.