Former WWE superstar Enzo Amore took some time to sit down with Title Match Wrestling and discuss his continued feud with another former WWE star, Simon Gotch. As previously noted after his interview with Chris Van Vliet, Simon Gotch said that "best case scenario [Enzo's] an awful human being, worst case scenario he's a monster" when referring to Amore.

Amore believes that a lot of the hostile feelings Gotch harbors for him may be centered around an embarrassing moment Gotch had experienced back in their NXT days together. Amore recalled the setting, mentioning how Michael Cole and Dusty Rhodes' being in attendance for their promo classes raised the stakes especially high for the students.

"One day we do promo class. You know what promo class is? You go up there and cut a promo," Amore explained. "But at this point in the stature of NXT, we've got a TV brand that's starting to pick up steam, and now Michael Cole, and Dusty Rhodes, and other people who sit in the hierarchy of production, and commentating, and our producers are sitting at a table every Wednesday before we do tapings on Thursday in NXT. And what you say at that taping could get you booked on TV tomorrow. For some people, [it] could get you a debut, or could get you looked at. So those opportunities are huge for people."

Amore wanted to take advantage of the moment and cut a promo that would cause the audience some side-splitting laughter. His target? None other than Simon Gotch. Amore consulted his former teammate, Big Cass, about this newfound strategy to exploit and ridicule Gotch's body.

"I look at this guy and he's in his ring gear, you know, the suit and tie button downs," Amore clarified. "And I go, 'Oh, hell no [Big] Cass, we gotta change our promo. We can't let that happen.' 'What do you want to say?' 'Bury him'...So, I don't remember exactly what we said, but me and Big Cass start buzzing about Aiden English and Simon Gotch. And I say, 'Simon Gotch has got a pair of titties like a 65 year old woman, how you doin'?' At this point in the room, huge pop. They all turn around, Simon Gotch has his Andre the Giant singlet on, and his little b---h titty is hanging over the top of it, and he makes the mistake of picking it up and putting it over. Double pop.

"I got the biggest pop of the night in promo class. [It] ended right there for me. Clearly, going down the line now, we see that the remnants of those words have hung heavy in the titty of Simon Gotch."

Despite the things Gotch has said about Amore in the past, Enzo wanted to establish that his feelings remain neutral about Simon. To Amore, the only issues he may have center around the injury he sustained at WWE Payback 2016, where a shove from Gotch, and what appears to be an attempt at a baseball slide from Amore, ended with Enzo bouncing his head off the ropes and tumbling unconscious to the outside. Amore has suspicions that the shove may have been deliberate.

"I gave him the luxury of saying his frickin name for the first time ever in an interview, and I'll end it there because I have no ill will towards the guy," Amore said. "Unless he ever comes out and says that he knocked me out on purpose, because let's just f-----g be clear, that guy hates me. And I don't have a bone of hate in my body... So, if I ever found out that he pushed me harder on purpose and that's what caused the injury - I ran that spot 100 times with Aiden English, and he'll tell you about it... I've done it 100 times on live events with Aiden English, never one time in my life did it with Simon Gotch. The first time I ever did it with him, I ended up in a hospital. And if I ever found out Simon Gotch did that on purpose, if he ever came out and said that, how you doin?"

You can watch the full interview in the video above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Tile Match Wrestling with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.