TJP's First Indie Bookings Since His WWE Release

Among the previously reported stars that have been released by WWE was former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, TJP, also known as TJ Perkins.

Reports following Perkins' release claimed that it was for disciplinary reasons, however, TJP himself took to Twitter to respond to the various questions and theories surrounding his release. In one such tweet, Perkins wrote, "There was nothing negative. I have been swinging for the fences quietly behind the curtain for a year and this was a 'spread your wings' thing. Boss said he respected my effort and diligence and it just didn't fit what they wanted. It's not my call, and I'm cool with it."

Earlier today, The Wrestling Revolver announced that TJP will be making an in-ring return at their 3 Year Anniversary event on March 18 from the Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines, IA.

Along with his newly scheduled performance with The Wrestling Revolver, Expo Lucha in San Diego has also revealed that TJP will be working with them this August 17 and 18 from the Harry West Gymnasium.

Expo Lucha's tweet, as seen below, reads, "Very excited to announce that TJP – who started training in lucha libre as a teenager and was winning CMLL year end awards at 18 years old – will be appearing & wrestling at Expo Lucha where photos and autographs are included with your ticket!"

The Wrestling Revolver's announcement, also seen below, reads out, "BREAKING – GET 100RTs: Signed for 5/10 #Revolver3Year Anniversary @ValAirBallroom The DEBUT of "Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion" TJ PERKINS! Tickets go on sale Monday, March 18th at 8PM(est)"