Former WWE superstar, Chavo Guerrero Jr., has been keeping himself busy as a current cast member and the fight coordinator for the Netflix TV show GLOW. Chavo took the time to speak with Wrestling Inc.’s WINCLY Podcast about his time working on the popular Netflix show while they developed their third season.

Chavo is proud of the various awards GLOW has won over the years, and he has great reason to be, with a Screen Actors Guild and an Emmy Award notched in his belt.

“Who won the Emmy for stunt coordination last year? This last Emmy season which was four months – five months ago? GLOW, by the way. Thank you,” Chavo said with a chuckle. “Emmy and SAG award, yeah, it’s crazy, right? I got my television trophies – I guess you want to call them – in a cool little cabinet.”

Although the TV awards are a new experience for him, Chavo believes that having his numerous championship wrestling belts on display in his home could get overwhelming. He imagines it would be a similar situation to Alicia Keys’ having abundant Grammy awards.

“And I don’t have every belt I’ve ever won. I think it would be, like, twenty of them, if not more in my life, so, probably not allow that in the house,” Chavo joked. “I’ve got a few, the ones that actually mean a lot to me, I’ve kind of got a few of those. If you win fifteen Emmys – I’m sure Alicia Keys probably feels the same about a Grammy as I do about a wrestling belt now…Ya know, I’m good. I’m good if I never get to hold a belt again. I’m alright.”

Chavo also revealed that GLOW had just finished filming it’s third season earlier this week. Although the release date for season 3 remains undetermined, if the trend remains the same as the show’s past two seasons, we will see a release some time this summer.

“We did [just wrap up filming season 3 of GLOW],” Chavo revealed. “Everybody on set, they were off on Monday because the wrestling scenes are now done. I wrapped on Thursday. What’s cool when you wrap on set, especially sometimes when it’s just you individually, they’ll, at the end of the day, before everybody is done and they’re still there in studio inside the sound stage, but they’ll say, ‘Series wrap on Chavo Guerrero,’ [and they] will kind of give you hugs and give you compliments. It was really cool.”

At the end of the day, even if you spent hours filming various scenes, Chavo explained that there’s no telling if your specific scenes will make the final cut of the show. With that knowledge, he’s uncertain he will even be featured in season 3 of GLOW

“To be honest, what makes the cutting room floor, you just don’t know,” Chavo explained. “Sometimes you’re in it and sometimes you’re not in it. ‘Yay, I got in tonight’s scene.’ And then you go and watch the film and all of a sudden, you were there for two seconds. So, to be honest, [me appearing in Season 3] is to be determined on what really happens.”

Chavo’s belief is that you always want to build upon your foundation and top the prior season of the TV show you’re making. He named the popular TV show, Breaking Bad as an example when mentioning that TV shows need emotional highs and lows to keep audiences engaged and suspense building.

“We always want to top the season before,” Chavo stated. “That’s with anything, you always try to top what you did before, and sometimes – like, let’s take the show Breaking Bad for instance. There were some episodes that were just, like, all these things are happening, people are getting killed and stuff, but there are some episodes where not a lot’s going on because of their storylines. Those were building to a crescendo of another episode, maybe two, three, or four away that was set up by the storyline. So, you can’t always have that big, huge pay-off every single episode, or whatever. This season is one of those seasons, you got your ups, your downs, and you got your crazy episodes when things happens, and crazy things where we’re story building/telling, so, kind of what’s to be expected.”

With the cast of GLOW having now wrapped up their third season together, Chavo is impressed with how far each cast member has come in regards to their in-ring training.

“The first season, [the cast] was a little apprehensive, going, ‘Uh, I don’t know if we can do this.,’ Chavo imitated. “Then we taught them and showed them, and they’re like, ‘Okay, okay we can do it.’ And then the second season, they’re really raring to go. This season, a little bit, they were ready but they weren’t ready. They realized this hurts, ya know? Then all of a sudden, once we started getting into it, especially the training and stuff, what I saw this season is that everybody got so much better. All the girls got so much better as far as the fundamentals, like their rolls, and their bumps, and their moves, and their understanding of holds, like, it was cool to see…I really saw everybody coming to their own this season.”

Chavo mentioned how one of “The Bitties”, Kimmy Gatewood, is a natural in the ring, thanks in part to her photographic memory. Overall, he’s pleased with how each cast member stepped up to the plate to elevate the show for season 3.

“I said it the first season, we always said that Kimmy Gatewood, who plays one of ‘The Bitties’, the faux, old lady hairdressers,” Chavo said. “We almost called her Kimmy one-time because we would show here one time and she would get it no matter what move it was. I could show her a key lock and go in to a half crab. She had, like, a photographic memory so one time she’d see it, she would get it. It’s like, ‘Wow.’ But then everybody else really stepped up this season in the training for sure. They all do their specialty, they’re so good at certain things.”

Chavo’s full interview will appear on the WINCLY next week. You can check out past episodes of the WINCLY here.

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