Harlem Heat On Getting The HOF Call From WWE, What They Want To Be Remembered For, Advice For Others

As noted, WWE announced today that Harlem Heat's Booker T and Stevie Ray will be going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, making Booker a two-time Hall of Famer. USA Today spoke with the brothers about the induction. They both said they were surprised to get the call from WWE.

Stevie Ray said he was surprised to get the call from WWE.

"I was speechless for a couple of seconds. The last thing I was thinking about was the Hall of Fame," Stevie said. "I'm going to be honest with you, I hadn't really thought about it. You know, I get the fans hitting me all the time with different things about Harlem Heat needs to be in the Hall of Fame, so on and so forth. But you never know, so I never gave it very much thought."

Booker added, "It was surprising, actually, I guess because one reason, my brother and I, we never actually wrestled in the WWE. My brother took a step aside at that point in time because he had a daughter, and he wanted to see her grow up and see her go to college. He got a chance to do that. But our career in WCW was awesome. My brother and I were together for eight and a half years in WCW and together another two years prior in the Global Wrestling Federation. So we had a career as a tag team, and to be recognized as one of the great tag teams of all time?. [there were] a lot of great tag teams that we competed against back in the day, like the Steiners, the Nasty Boys and the Road Warriors, Sting and Lex Luger, Public Enemy ? so many guys we got a chance to grapple with back then, and to be recognized, it's pretty awesome."

Booker was asked what he wants WWE fans to remember Harlem Heat for in 20 years. He responded, "It would just be keep passing it on more than anything. Young guys right now, the Usos, those two guys came out of my school. Authors of Pain, right now, two guys wrecking shop. You've got Street Profits out there representing Harlem Heat. That's what it's about. If they look back and say 'Harlem Heat was badass,' that's the only thing that really matters, as well as we were good people."

Content with their careers, Booker and Stevie both said they would have nothing to say if they could go back and give themselves some advice as the beginning of their careers. Booker did have some advice for the up & coming wrestlers.

"What would I tell myself? Nothing. Learn things as you go," Stevie said.

"I wouldn't tell us anything, man. We had a dream. We had a blueprint, though, a gameplan. We didn't slip on a banana peel and find ourselves in this position. Trust me, it didn't happen that way," Booker said. "But I would tell the young guys these days, look at the state of the business. The party, it's real, it only lasts for so long. Make sure you prepare for what's next, because it's going to come very, very quick. Relish that, then move on to what comes next, because life moves in seasons."

Source: USA Today