Impact Wrestling's Moose Believes Rob Gronkowski Will Join WWE

Impact Wrestling star, Moose, discussed with Sports Illustrated the idea of Rob Gronkowski going to WWE. Moose is a former NFL player in his own right, and was Rob Gronkowski's teammate in 2010.

Gronk announced last week that he would be retiring from the Patriots. Moose does believe that Gronk will end up signing a contract with the WWE, but only for a couple of matches. Here are highlights from the interview:


On Gronk joining WWE:
"I think Gronk's going to sign with WWE, but he's not going to make it his next career. He can have a big match at WrestleMania or SummerSlam, but I know Gronk. People need to understand that his body has been through hell. Gronk can't make this a career, but he can have a couple of great matches."

Why believes he won't be doing too many matches:
"If Gronk were healthy, he would have made a perfect wrestler. He's athletic, has size, and he is so charismatic. But his body has been through way too much."

Moose comparing Bill Belichick to Vince McMahon:
"Bill Belichick is the equivalent of ten Vince McMahons mixed into one. There is no one else like Belichick."

Moose also talked about Ronda Rousey in the interview. You can read the whole Sports Illustrated interviewhere.