Impact Wrestling Results (3/22): Rich Swann Vs. Sami Callihan For The X-Division Championship, Fenix

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We see the cold opening for last week's episode to get the night started!

Moose vs. Trey Miguel

Things get going with Moose charging after Miguel, but he misses, allowing Trey to kick at Moose's legs to weaken him. Miguel with a wheelbarrow facebuster but an attempt at a hurricanrana is thwarted off. Another attempt proves successful as he throws Moose out of the ring head-first. Moose catches Miguel with a right on the apron and the two struggle for control. Miguel performs two suicide dives and attempts a topei con helio over the top rope but he's caught yet again and powerbombed on the ring apron. The ref nearly counts to 10 but Moose stops him and retrieves Miguel on the outside.


Moose tries for another apron powerbomb but he eats some boots to the face and a running dropkick. Moose catches Miguel in mid-air once more, and this time, swings his body in to the steel ring steps on the outside. Moose throws Miguel inside the ring and rains down right punches on the head of Miguel for a quick 2 count. He begins chopping away at Trey's chest and then charges him in the corner. Miguel begins to retaliate with some boots to the face and a sunset flip for the 2 count.

Moose snags Miguel with a discus lariat that sends Miguel spiraling out of control. Moose perches Miguel on the top rope but Trey slides out and gives Moose his signature kick to Moose's tucked head. He then kicks the feet out from under Moose, causing his face to collide with the turnbuckle. Miguel with a missile dropkick and a topei con helio to the outside on Moose. Trey hits a frog splash but Moose power out right at 1! Moose catches Trey in the pop-up powerbomb but it only allows him another 2 count. The men trade forearms, kicks, knees, and headbutts until Trey gives Moose an enziguri, a reverse hurricanrana, and a stomp for a close 2 count. Trey goes to the top but it leads nowhere, because Moose shoves Trey in to the ring post a couple times and finishes him with a spear.


Winner: Moose

Moose celebrates as the camera transitions to the backstage area and oVe. Sami Callihan tells Rich Swann that he could have had a family and everything but he turned his back on his one true family. Because of his choices, Callihan promises that he will take everything from him, starting with the X-Division Championship.

Back from commercial and in the backstage area, Tessa Blanchard says that she's just getting started with Gail Kim. After talking to her lawyers, she wants Impact higher-ups to know that she's calling the shots. She demands that Gail Kim come to the ring and apologize, and then relinquish her job as an Impact producer.


Fallah Bahh & KM vs. Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards

The match begins with Bahh and Drake going toe-to-toe. Drake puts Bahh in a headlock but gets bounced off the ropes and shoulder blocked. Drake goes to pick Bahh up but the weight forces him to collapse. Bahh puts Drake in a front facelock and rolls around the ring before tagging in KM. Drake actually regains the advantage quickly and performs hot tags with Edwards as he focuses on the arm of KM. Edwards comes in with a double axe-handle on KM's arm. Bahh gets tagged back in to the match and overpowers Edwards, delivering a sidewalk slam.

KM is brought in and he hits elbows and uppercuts to both Edwards and Drake. The team of Eddie and Eli gain the advantage and deliver a neckbreaker, full nelson slam, and a superplex off the top rope on KM for a big thud. Bahh tries to rescue KM, elbowing Edwards and giving Drake a crossbody. Edwards retaliates as he sends Bahh out of the ring and performs a suicide dive. He retrieves his kendo stick but the referee is doing his best to stop him. Edwards trusts Drake with Kenny, tossing him the stick. Drake wacks KM right in the face and Edwards gives him the Boston Knee Party for the 1-2-3!


Winners: Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake

Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie arrive to the arena and he tells Rolando Menendez that he can buy a ticket if he wants to find out why he did what he did last week to Brian Cage. Menendez attempts to follow up backstage but Valkyrie comes out of a room and shoves him down.

Back from commercial, Willie Mack and Rich Swann are in the backstage area talking about how Callihan and oVe have been harassing them for the past few weeks. Mack assures Swann that he will get Callihan one-on-one, as he promises to take care of oVe tonight. Ethan Page enters and tells Mack that he should be focusing on their match against one another tonight.


Ace Austin vs. Damian Hyde

The men tie up but Austin gains the immediate advantage with kicks to the chest, back, and a dropkick that sends Hyde out of the ring. The two have an exchange on the apron that ends with Hyde getting a boot right to his eye. Austin comes swinging through the ropes with another dropkick and a crazy fosbury flop over the top rope to take Hyde out on the outside. Back inside the ring, Austin bests all the offense from Hyde and then comes off the second rope with another insane kick. Austin continues with a fading senton drop, continued kicks, and a unique variation of a meteora. Austin connects with The Fold for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Ace Austin

We see a video of a woman jogging and an image that says "2 Weeks". Seems to be Madison Rayne's arrival but there was no guarantee.


We see a video package that recounts the history between Callihan and Swann, culminating during tonight's X-Division Title match.

Josh Matthews introduces Impact World Heavyweight & Knockouts Champion, Johnny Impact & Taya Valkyrie. Impact explains why he did what he did, saying that it's because of internet smart marks. From day one, he apparently defended the title more frequently than anybody in history. Impact tells the fans that all people care about is carnage and him putting his body on the line. He recalls the fans turning on him at Homecoming when Brian Cage nearly defeated him for his title. He mentions how dumb Brian Cage is, and then talks about how he cannot be loyal to the fans after none of them were loyal to him.

Matthews moves over to Taya Valkyrie who tells Matthews that the fans that are "marks" don't dictate what happens here. Valkyrie says that she will decide when and where women get Knockouts Title shots because they make the rules as the champions. The attention is again turned to Impact, who says that he is a man of his word and he will give Cage his title shot. Impact says that he will be at the PPV 100% ready for war with Cage. Johnny goes on to tell the fans that all he cares about now are his wife and his world championship.


Backstage, Father James Mitchell and Rosemary come face-to-face. Mitchell asks Rosemary if she has realized that she actually lost the war, even if she won the battle. Rosemary asks where Allie's soul is at. Mitchell implies that she would need to tell "Him" about the problem if she wants it solved. Whatever this means, Rosemary obliges, saying that she will go to the Undead Realm to talk to "Him".

Back from commercial, we see a replay of Jordynne Grace and Tessa Blanchard's #1 contenders match from last week.

Willie Mack vs. Ethan Page

Page cheap shots Mack before the match even gets going, giving him the immediate advantage. He stomps away at a downed Mack. Mack reverses an irish whip but Page gives him a back elbow in return. Mack comes back with a samoan drop and a standing moonsault on Page. Chops keep Mack in control before Page heads to the outside of the ring. Page gets some offense in with a pump kick to Mack's face, followed by some knees to the spine for a 1 count. Mack connects with some more chops but is once again rocked with a stiff back elbow.


Page puts Mack in a headlock in the middle of the ring. Mack makes it up and begins to elbow at Page's abdomen, he then gives him a running kick and a forearm in the corner. Mack with a reverse atomic drop, a traditional version of the atomic drop, and a running dropkick that sends Page in to the bottom turnbuckle. Mack with a cannonball for the 2 count on Page. Mack also gets in a DDT for yet another close 2 count. Mack goes to the top rope but Ethan yanks him down and delivers a diving elbow drop off the top rope for his own close 2 count. Mack escapes from Page's clutches but he eats a superkick. Mack gives Page a spinning roundhouse and a stunner for the final 1-2-3!

Winner: Willie Mack

Backstage, Johnny Impact tells Menendez that he smells like hot garbage. Kross walks up and starts whispering in Impact's ear. As Impact walks away, he says, "Today just keeps getting better and better."


Back from commercial, we see a video package that highlights the buildup between Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Glenn Gilbertti. Menendez is backstage and he approaches Gilbertti who's drinking at the bar. He bashes Bordeaux's upcoming performance and goes in to a rant about how the women's revolution is "ridiculous". He finishes by saying "a woman cannot be the man".

Gail Kim is backstage and says that there's nothing she can do because of Blanchard's lawyers. Kim says that she's going to do what she needs to do as she walks away.

LAX and The Lucha Bros are beating one another senseless in the backstage area! Penta wacks Ortiz with a water jug while Santana pummels Fenix with punches. The two teams continue brawling until stage hands arrive and break them up. Konnan shows up and yells about how they wanted their rematch and that this is what The Lucha Bros wanted to happen.

Backstage, Willie Mack is returning from his match with Ethan Page. Suddenly, Jake & Dave Crist sneak in to the room behind him and we hear loud screams coming from within. Mack actually exits on his own with a steel chair in hand.


Sami Callihan vs. Rich Swann (c) (X-Division Championship Match)

The match gets going quick, as Swann makes a beeline for the ring and the men start exchanging punches. Quick strikes lead to Callihan on the outside and Swann performing a topei corkscrew splash on Callihan to take him out. Callihan uses the steel steps to regain control, setting them up and Swann on top of them. Callihan rakes at Swann's eyes and calls for a piledriver on the steel steps. Rich manages to break free, he then superkicks Callihan and uses the stairs to deliver a flying clothesline. He punches away at Sami and slams his face against the ring apron. Callihan evades a 450 from the ring apron to the floor and gives Swann an exploder suplex on the ramp.

Back from commercial, Callihan has a headlock wrenched in on Swann in the middle of the ring. Swann punches away at Sami's abdomen to break free. Callihan escapes to the outside and pulls the feet out from under Swann inside the ring. He slide back in and strikes away until Swann is backed in to the corner. Callihan carries on with a body slam and a chin lock on a damaged Swann. Callihan then gives him an elbow drop for a quick 2 count. He wastes no time and goes right back to that chin lock to keep Swann on the mat. When Rich makes it to his feet, Callihan connects with clubby blows and headbutts to send him back down.


Callihan attempts to put Swann in a sleeper hold but Rich bounces his chin off the top of his head to get out. Swann with a headscissors takedown and multiple kicks, followed by a hurricanrana off the top rope for another 2 on Callihan. Rich pulls Sami to his feet but Callihan keeps dropping down to a single knee. Sami gives him a powerbomb, a knee to the jaw, and a "get out of here" for the close 2 count. Sami wants to finish him with his signature piledriver but Swann escapes and kicks Sami in the face.

Rich continues on with multiple kicks and a 450 splash for a 2 and 7/8 count! Swann and Callihan both trade places on the top turnbuckle until Sami grabs Rich and powerbombs him off of the top rope for another 2. Callihan immediately rolls through in to the crossface maneuver, followed by an STF with Swann's leg hooked. Rich makes it to the rope to break the hold. Sami spits all over Swann's face and in return, Rich pummels him with forearms, spits on him, and gives him a springboard cutter for a close 2 count yet again. Rich ultimately misses the phoenix splash but still manages to roll up Callihan for the 1-2-3!


Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: Rich Swann

Callihan won't have any of this result and he instantly attacks Swann as he's clutching his X-Division title belt. Sami grabs a chair but Swann kicks him and grabs the chair to use for himself. A masked man enters the ring and seems impervious to chair shots. It's Madman Fulton, and he grabs Swann with a crazy chokeslam from a laying down position back in to the mat. Mack comes out and tries to help but he is quickly dropped with "the end of days". With an oVe shirt decked out on him, he holds back Swann as Callihan grabs a bat and rams it in to Swann's face. Madman Fulton looks to be the newest member of oVe.