– The video included above is WWE’s newest episode of Canvas 2 Canvas, which is dedicated to the late, upcoming WWE Hall of Famer, Chyna. Artist Rob Schamberger went to C2E2 in Chicago to not only showcase his WWE artwork, but also to do a live demonstration painting of Chyna’s portrait.

– Jeff Hardy has released a new album called Individuals. The album has six songs on it and is available to listen to on Spotify here. This isn’t Hardy’s first album, his other pieces of work include Similar Creatures, Precession of the Equinoxes, and Plurality of Worlds. He is the lead singer of the band PeroxWhy?Gen.

– After a fan shared a post on Twitter with a sign that said, ‘Rusev Day,’ Rusev responded saying that “Rusev Day” was dead. He also said that it was time to move on from that time. Rusev day started out as a popular phrase and later became a tag team between Aiden English and Rusev.

You can read Rusev’s response below: