WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross took to Twitter this week and spoke out against WWE bringing race into Kofi Kingston's WrestleMania 35 storyline with WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

JR wrote, "Race should never have been brought into the @TrueKofi storyline. It's a classic, underdog story. Race, Religion & Politics have no place on rasslin tv, IMO."

One fan replied to JR's tweet and said he believes race is a big reason why Kofi's storyline resonated with fans. Ross responded, "Only because the racial component was so strongly introduced within the storyline....IMO."

Another fan pointed to how race, religion, politics and other "unnecessary bulls--t" has been a part of pro wrestling storylines for a long time, and how WWE is "on the right side of those topics (mostly)" these days. Ross responded, "I realize that, Chris. But that doesn't mean a short biz entity should attempt to voluntarily add race, religion or politics to a rasslin story. IMO"

Ross also said the numerous obstacles forced on Kofi is what made him an underdog in the feud with Bryan, nothing else.

You can see those tweets and a few more exchanges Ross had with fans over the topic below: