Juice Robinson was recently a guest for the ROH column, 10 Questions.. Among a variety of topics, Robinson talked about his most embarrassing wrestling moment, what he would be doing if he hadn’t gotten in to pro wrestling, and the best advice he was given.

Below are highlights from the interview:

What he would do if he wasn’t a pro wrestler:

“I’d definitely be in the entertainment industry one way or another. I love performing. I’d say I’d probably be an actor.”

The best advice he was given about the wrestling business:

“Nattie Neidhart told me at my WWE tryout to ‘never take no for an answer.’ I never forgot that. I tell people that now when they ask me how to make it. Also, Jimmy Jacobs and Truth Martini would always tell me, ‘If it’s good, it’s good.’ I love that because so many people believe there are a right way and a wrong way to do professional wrestling. There’s not. Everyone does it a little different, and if it’s good, it’s good.”

His most embarrassing wrestling moment:

“Everything that was CJ Parker.”

Something that is popular but he doesn’t see the appeal of:

“Marty Scurll.”

What will it mean to wrestle in Madison Square Garden for the first time at G1 Supercard in April?

“I’ll never perform anywhere cooler than MSG. It’ll be something I remember the rest of my life.”

Robinson also spoke about his friend and LifeBlood member, David Finlay Jr. You can read the whole interview here.