Kenny Omega Talks NJPW Rejecting His Proposal To Book A Women's Match

As we previously reported, Kenny Omega recently spoke with Tokyo-Sports about his departure from NJPW.

In his new home of All Elite Wrestling, it's no secret that owner, Tony Khan, has a significant financial backing from his family's success in managing the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars. Nevertheless, Omega is unfazed by the money aspect of AEW. He believes that the creative parts, the moments that pull at the heartstrings of the audience, are the greatest gains he can receive from working with the company.

"[The money] does not matter at all," Omega stated. "I want to change the life of the viewer through my own professional wrestling. It is important that depressed people become happy when they see wrestling and forget about their problems. Many wrestlers fight for money and self realization, but I want to show beautiful art. In the industry so far, there was a tendency that the staff and the owner of the company would tell fans, 'this is what professional wrestling is' from above. AEW is different. You can show pro wrestling from the heart that the wrestlers are cherishing."

Along with being an active in-ring performer, Omega is also looking forward to his time as one of the Executive Vice Presidents for AEW, next to fellow "The Elite" members Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. Omega went into detail about one of his favorite parts of the job, talent scouting to find the most impressive female stars.

"Tony Khan is also watching over an NFL team and he also acts as an investor," Omega explained. "But since it is his first time in charge of a professional wrestling business, I needed someone I know. That is The Elite. I am in charge of a girl wrestler now. What is better than being a wrestler? It is being a talent scout, of course.

"I think that one of the mistakes that New Japan makes in this era is that they do not have women's wrestling. At CEO×NJPW, which I promoted last year, I proposed to New Japan to put on a women's match. They refused saying, 'It is not New Japan.' It is already 2019 now. I think that women and men will be on the same stage. And most of the women who I think are good are in Japan."