WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently spoke to Catch Au Quotidien on a number of topics, including his relationship with WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H, what format changes he would make to WWE television and his experience with booking in WCW.

Nash was asked what he would do if he received a phone call from Tony Khan of All Elite Wrestling with a job offer as an agent, producer or an on-air talent role. He responded with well wishes for the AEW crew, but said that he would take a WWE offer instead.

"My closest friend in the business is Paul Levesque (Triple H)," Nash said. "If I was going to work in the office for somebody, it would be with WWE. I mean, I wish them well, I wish Tony [Khan] and the guys well. I think it's great that somebody's putting some money out there and guys are getting paid again, and there's a chance for them to get the most for their time in the ring."

Nash was also asked in the interview about what he would do if he were the head booker of WWE, and responded with changing the current layout of the product that fans see every Monday, specifically with RAW.

"[I would] somewhat change the format," Nash said. "It's just that it starts out pretty much the same every week where somebody comes down, cuts a promo, they get cut off and basically, the main event is set up in the first 15-to-20 minutes."

Elaborating on the question even more, Nash would also change the duration of RAW from its current three-hour block, especially with SmackDown LIVE on Tuesday and NXT on Wednesday, and recalls when WCW Monday Nitro added an extra hour being a "big killer for us."

At one point of his WCW career, Nash was a part of the booking crew. He would open up on how it was booking episodes of Nitro and WCW Thunder, sometimes booking up to 10 hours of television weekly.

"When I was booking, we had to write three hours of Nitro and two hours of Thunder, but since Thunders together, you had to book Nitro around to fit between that Thunder to make that work," Nash said. "So you were booking 10 hours of TV every Wednesday, and flipping it and flipping it. If one person got hurt, or it would be timing. It was just, logistically, a nightmare."