Kofi Kingston took to Twitter today and issued a warning to Vince McMahon ahead of Tuesday's WWE SmackDown from Dayton, OH.

As noted, last night's WWE Fastlane pay-per-view saw Vince "screw" Kofi again after teasing that he would put Kofi in the WWE Title match with champion Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens. Vince ended up putting Kofi in a 1-on-2 Handicap Match with The Bar, which he lost. Mustafa Ali would be added to the WWE Title match, which saw Bryan retain.

Kofi tweeted today and said the WWE Chairman just does not want to see him as WWE Champion. Kofi then said he will see Vince at SmackDown on Tuesday.

Kofi wrote, "I'm not sure what Vince was trying to accomplish last night, but one thing became very clear: He does not want to see me as WWE Champion. After 11 years, I finally have your attention...and I'm not going away. See you Tuesday @VinceMcMahon"

You can see Kofi's full tweet below: