Lacey Evans recently spoke with The Peoria Journal Star and talked about how her time with the US Marine Corps prepared her for the stress of being a sports entertainer with WWE.

“It takes a lot of nerves to be a sports entertainer and to be in front of those big crowds. The military and the Marine Corps prepared me to be numb to the stress,” said Evans, who was a military police officer and a special response officer with the Corps.

Evans talked about her women’s Royal Rumble experience back in January and called it nerve wracking. She said, “It was nerve wracking. I was the first one out, and even had a promo,” Evans said of the experience. “It was so much fun. It had a huge crowd, and what an experience.”

It was noted that Evans will be wrestling Nikki Cross at Saturday’s WWE live event in Peoria, IL. Evans called herself the classiest Superstar ever in WWE when talking about Cross. She said, “She’s (Cross) is full of chaos and has no discipline. She’s insane. There’s no telling what she will do. We are such polar opposites. I’m the classiest superstar ever in the WWE.”

The article revealed that Evans brings her 6 year old daughter Summer on the road with her. Evans, who is married, says WWE is terrific family entertainment.

“She travels to almost every show with me and my husband,” Evans said. “She tells everyone who will listen that her mother is in the WWE. They are my biggest supporters.”