– The video above is the latest released workout video from Celtic Warrior Workouts, hosted by WWE’s Sheamus. John Cena is featured performing some single-leg dumbbell lunges on the YouTube show.

– WWE posted a video on Twitter showcasing the top five moments from Roman Reigns career, with the most recent being from last week’s RAW when he gave the good news about his leukemia being in remission. WWE captioned the post: “Let’s take a walk through #TheBigDog’s Yard.”

Below is WWE’s tweet:

– Speaking of Cena, a fan recently asked Lance Storm if he has ever competed in the ring against him, to which Storm replied that he had wrestled Cena twice and beat him both times. The fan also asked if Cena had any weaknesses, to which Storm jokingly said that to beat Cena, he has to be wearing tights and wrestling boots.

Storm’s full quote was: “Wrestled John Cena twice. One single, one tag. Beat him both times. The key to beating him is facing him when he was still wearing tights and wrestling boots. Those Jorts are his superpowers.”

Below is the Lance Storm’s tweet and the fan question: