Lucha Underground Reportedly Settles With Talent, Given Immediate Releases

Back in February it was reported King Cuerno (aka El Hijo del Fantasma) had filed documents in Los Angeles against the El Rey Network and Lucha Underground's production Baba-G Productions, claiming his contract "illegally restricts" wrestlers from finding work in wrestling.

Along with that individual lawsuit, a class action lawsuit was possibly in the works including other stars, Ivelisse, Joey Ryan, and Thunder Rosa (aka Kobra Moon), who were looking to get out of their contracts with the stalled out promotion. Despite being between production of season four and five, wrestlers were still locked down to the promotion.

In a new report from Lucha Central, the El Rey Network and Baba-G Productions were sent three lawsuits. Two were from El Hijo del Fantasma and Texano Jr., both seeking financial damages. The third was indeed a class action lawsuit from Fantasma, Ivelisse, Ryan, and Rosa.

The report stated Texano Jr. withdrew his lawsuit and a settlement was agreed on for the class action lawsuit, as part of that Fantasma agreed to withdraw his personal lawsuit against the companies. Exact terms are not known, but those involved in the class action lawsuit are now released from their Lucha Underground contracts and are allowed to sign with other promotions.

Still no word yet on a season five taking place, Lucha Underground Co-Executive Producer, Chris DeJoseph, commented last month that he thought the show was "dead."

Me Pepa contributed to this article.