Earlier this week it was announced Randy Orton and AJ Styles will meet in the ring at WrestleMania 35 on April 7. On Busted Open, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry spoke about the match and considers it to be in the running as a main event match and shouldn't be looked at as "filler."

"This is one of those matches that people look at and go, 'it's not filler,'" Henry said. "These are both stars, both guys have been champion multiple times and as much as we want to see Daniel Bryan and Kofi in the main event, we want to see what's gonna happen with Charlotte, Becky, and Ronda as a main event, or Seth Rollins and Brock as a main event. [AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton] is a main event match! It's a main event match, guys!"

Henry spoke highly of both wrestlers, noting that Orton is making his way into the top 10 or 15 best wrestlers of all-time. For Styles, he's proven that he can perform at a high level no matter what company he's worked for and Henry considered him among the elite to hold the title in WWE.

"Randy Orton, in my opinion, he's not on Mount Rushmore yet, but he's slowly entering that top 15 or top 10 of all-time," Henry continued. "He is that damn good and then AJ Styles, from the time he was an indie guy, worked his way up, worked down south, to now coming to the WWE. He did everything at every level that there is to do and he has become an elite champion. Not just a champion, but one of the guy that can carry the load, and he has carried it for the last two years. So why wouldn't this be in the conversation as a main event match at WrestleMania?"

You can listen to Mark Henry's full comments in the clip below.

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