Show opens with video package of Simon Gotch's new faction, Contra, causing havoc from the last two weeks of MLW television. If you missed it, Contra beat down MLW champion Tom Lawlor following his defense over Low Ki at Intimidation Games, then smashed a railroad spike into Ace Romero's skull at the conclusion of last week's Fusion.

Fusion intro.

Rich Boccini and special guest commentator Jim Cornette welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They hype the evening's main event...The Hart Foundation defends the MLW tag team titles against Richard Holliday and MJF. Also Contra members Jacob Fatu and Josef Samuel will also be in action this evening.

Mance Warner joins Boccini and Cornette at the commentary table for the episode's first bout. El Hijo De LA Park is out first, accompanied by Salina de la Renta. Recap of Park's brawl with Warner from last week. Park's opponent tonight...Puma King.

El Hijo De LA Park versus Puma King

Tie-up. Park takes early control with a waist lock, but Puma King is able to take Park down. Nice back and forth Lucha sequence that sees both men utilize arm-drags and quick covers. Park lands the first strikes of the match...Puma King fires right back with a frankensteiner that sends Park to the outside. Puma King in quick pursuit with a plancha. He tosses Park back in the ring and drops him with a back body. Puma King bounces off the ropes but Salina grabs his foot....Park takes advantage landing a frankensteiner of his own that sends Puma King to ringside. SUICIDE DIVE from Park! He grabs a chair and smashes Puma King over the back. Referee allows it to continue.

Back in the ring Park sets up one chair into Puma King's groin...then smacks it with another chair. Fight spills to the outside again...Park whips Puma King with an electrical chord that's laying at ringside. Puma King mounts a comeback, catching Park with a tilt-a-whirl-slam, followed by a tilt-a-whirl-backbreaker. Puma King grabs a couple of chairs now. He lays into Park with a superkick, then reciprocates the groin chair spot that Park nailed him with. Park responds with a discuss elbow and a code-red in succession. Pop-up powerbomb from Puma King. He goes for the pin but Park escapes. Puma King climbs...Park hits him with the chair and Puma King falls into the tree-of-woe. Now Park climbs the top over Puma King...Puma King grabs him with his legs and pulls him down with a headscissor. Puma King climbs the opposite turnbuckle but Park runs up...spanish-fly! Cover...Puma King just gets a shoulder up!

Salina grabs Puma King's ankle again when bouncing off the ropes. Reverse piledriver from Park! Instead of going for the cover...he starts taunting Mance Warner, spitting in his face. When he turns his back...Warner nails him with Cornette's tennis racket! He tosses him back rope codebreaker from Puma King. Got em!

Puma King wins by pinfall

Following the match, Mance Warner and Puma King share a beer.

MJF and Richard Holliday cut a promo. MJF mocks the way Teddy Hart speaks, even mimicking the way he puts inflections on words. The feed cuts to the H2 Network (Hart Foundation Network). Hart says that he's going to destroy MJF, rip his big nose off his face, and stuff it down his throat. Brian Pillman Jr. is training in a pool with Davey Boy Smith Jr coaching him. Davey Boy says that when they meet Holliday and MJF in the ring...they're not gonna wrestle..."We're gonna hurt you."

Flashback to Contra's attack on Ace Romero from last week.

Preview of Battle Riot II.

Boccini informs us that the Doctor that spoke to MLW regarding Tom Lawlor's medical condition was a fake. An earlier video showing Tom Lawlor leaving the hospital is played. Lawlor says he doesn't care what the medical staff has to say, he is cleared to wrestle. He challenges any of those "bastards" from Contra, who couldn't handle Lawlor's success. "Be prepared to watch the world burn," growls Lawlor to end the segment.

Contra Unit (Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael) are on their way out, where their opponents are already in the ring.

Contra Unit versus Local Competitors

Fatu and Samael attack their opponents before the bell rings. Samael brings one man over to his team's corner where he destroys his chest with chops. Fatu comes in and lays his man out with a superkick and a pop-up samoan drop. Samael has the railroad spike and he uses it! Referee calls for the bell.

Local Competitors win by DQ

Contra Unit obviously never planned on competing. They beat the men down. Fatu with a pair of top rope moonsaults. Samael with a fireball!!! Crowd is reigning down boos. Medical team comes out and stretchers out the local competitors. Fatu hits one more moonsault onto the stretcher! (MY GOD!!!) Samael throws water at the crowd! Crowd starts tossing water and bottles into the ring! Cornette screams that a riot may be started! The feed cuts out for a second (on purpose).

Matt Striker announces that LA Park will enter the Battle Riot II matchup, as well as Fenix, Brian Pillman Jr, Rey Fenix, El Hijo De LA Park, Gringo Loco, and Ken Kerbis.

Promo from LA Park. He says that he's going to win Battle Riot.

Jimmy Havoc's return video is played.

Commentary tells us that Contra will address the MLW universe next week regarding their actions over the last few weeks.

Mance Warner versus LA Park in a deathmatch is announced next week!

Flashback to Teddy Hart's successful title defense over MJF from a few weeks ago. Following the match, MJF and Richard Holliday attacked Hart, setting up tonight's main event!

MJF and Richard Holliday are out first. The titantron refers to them as Dynasty. MJF grabs a microphone and insults the crowd. He asks for a moment of complete silence. MJF then directs a promo at Stu Hart by looking down, insinuating that he's in hell. MJF says the Hart name is now tarnished because of Tedd Hart. "We're better than you...and you know it," yells MJF.

Champs are out second. Brian Pillman Jr accompanies them.

Hart Foundation versus Richard Holliday & MJF for the MLW tag team championship

Hart and MJF start. MJF plays mind games by sliding out of the ring everytime Hart tries to get the action going. Holliday tags in. Hart smacks MJF off the apron then unloads strikes onto Holliday. Davey Boy comes in...nailing a double-underhook suplex. Big kicks from Davey Boy onto Holliday, followed by a stalling vertical suplex. Early cover but Holliday escapes. More kicks from Davey targeting Holliday's back.

Hart tags back in. He lands his signature springboard moonsault. (WOW HE GETS SOME AIRTIME.) Hart favors his ribs, which are taped up from the attack by MJF a few weeks ago. Blind tag from Holliday and MJF smashes Hart from the back. He lays into Hart's ribs with stomps before dragging him over to his team's corner. MJF takes a water bottle and spits in Davey Boy's face! He and Holliday double-team Hart with the referee dealing with an angered Davey Boy.On the outside, MFJ whips Hart into the barricade. Davey Boy and Pillman check on hurt to see if he can continue. He can.

Holliday is back in. Hart attempts a comeback but isn't able to muster up enough offense. Sharpshooter from Holliday. Davey Boy breaks the submission up. MJF sneaks in and hits a rope assisted piledriver onto Hart! Cover...Hart just gets a shoulder up! MJF back in...he applies an abdominal stretch. MFJ lets go...Hart capitalizes...floats-over...Canadian destroyer! Hart tags out!

Big Davey Boy comes in. Running boot onto Holliday. He mounts MJF in the corner for a ten punch count. German onto Holliday. Superkick on MJF. Davey Boy is on a roll! He tosses Holliday into MJF in the corner. Tiger German from Davey Body onto MJF nearly wins the match. He goes for a powerbomb....he hits it! Holliday breaks up the pin! They go for the doomsday destroyer...Alex Hammerstone comes out with a chair! He nails the Hart Foundation. Referee calls for the bell.

Hart Foundation wins by DQ to retain the MLW tag team championship

Pillman tries to help Hart and Davey Boy but he eats a steel chair as well. MJF, Hammerstone, and Holliday all pose in the ring.

That's the show friends.