MLW Fusion Recap (3/23): Deathmatch Main Event, Hammerstone Faces Pillman Jr, Teddy Hart Arrested

Show opens with Davey Boy Smith Jr and Teddy Hart mid-conversation. Voice-over from Rich Boccini tells us that Hart is being arrested due to damages he's caused to MJF and Richard Holliday's car. Hart gives Smith money to bail him out, and tells Smith to tell Brian Pillman Jr. that he's wishing him look for his matchup with Alexander Hammerstone. Cops take Hart away right as Pillman shows up. MJF and Richard Holliday walk up...who reveal that they damaged their own car and framed Hart. Pillman promises that he'll make them pay.


MLW Fusion Intro.

Rich Boccini and Jim Cornette welcome us to this week's episode of MLW Fusion. They hype up the evening's card, which includes Brian Pillman Jr taking on Alex Hammerstone, and Mance Warner against LA Park in the main event.

Myron Reed is on his way to the ring for the first bout of the night. He carries a sign that says "Free Swann," referring to Rich Swann who has been suspended. His opponent...Gringo Loco.

Myron Reed versus Gringo Loco

Tie-up. Reed takes early advantage with a hammerlock...Loco gets to his feet to break the hold. Reed nails Loco with a forearm. Nice lucha sequence from both men that includes arm-drags and flips. Loco lays into Reed with some standing lariats, but Reed fires right back with an enziguri. He uses the ropes to hit a codebreaker, followed by a headscissor that sends Loco to the outside. Back in the ring Reed goes for a pinfall that Loco escapes easily. Reed mocks the ref's "slow" count. Loco takes advantage of Reed's distraction with a sit-out powerbomb. Pildedriver from Loco! Reed lands another forearm but Loco catches him with a spanish-fly bouncing off the ropes. Both men down.


Fight spills to the outside. Loco with a tope con hilo! He tosses Reed back in and climbs for an attack...Reed pulls out Loco's leg, hits an enziguri, then takes Loco down with a frankensteiner. Reed climbs...450! Loco kicks out. Reed is yelling at the ref again. Loco comes out of nowhere with a springboard cutter. He climbs...twisting 450. Got em.

Gringo Loco wins by pinfall

After the match highlights are shown, Myron Reed slaps the referee and taunts Jim Cornette. Cornette screams at how disrespectful Reed is.

Backstage Kaci Lennox is with Mance Warner. Warner says he has some news. He walked into the MLW's office and got the stipulation for tonight's matchup with LA Park. It'll be a DEATHMATCH. Warner hands Lennox a dry-erase board and has her write out tonight's match game plan. It ends with him going off for a beer.

Footage from Teddy Hart's arrest that occurred at the top of the show is played. Cut-to Holliday and MJF who are backstage and laughing. MJF says that the Chicago Police chief has sent him Tedd Hart's mugshot, and he dubbs it the greatest image he's ever seen. MJF jokes that he's going to get the mugshot blown up and placed on a billboard in Calgary. Holliday calls Calgary a dump.


Boccini informs us that Contra Unit will be addressing their actions from the last few weeks. A video is played. Contra stable leader...Simon Gotch...describes the unit as the international leaders of violence. Footage of their attacks on Tom Lawlor and Ace Romero are and Fa spliced through. Samael and Fatu claim that a kingdom made of fire cannot be burned down.

Promo from Ace Romero. He says that Contra will pay the consequences after the attack on him.

Alexander Hammerstone is on his way out for the evening's next match. He's accompanied by MJF and Richard Holliday. MJF grabs the microphone to a chorus of boos. He says that he has a breaking announcement...alerting the crowd that Teddy Hart is in jail. He ends by saying that he's better than everyone...and they know it.

Brian Pillman Jr. rushes to the ring and this match is underway.

Brian Pillman Jr. versus Alexander Hammerstone

Pillman goes right at Hammerstone with a series of strikes. Arm-drag from Pillman, followed by a superkick. Pillman follows that up with a running corner dropkick. Following a slap...Hammerstone destroys Pillman. Big running spinebuster and a ground-and-pound strikes in succession. Hammerstone bounces Pillman off the ropes then decapitates him with a dropkick of his own. Headlock. Pillman gets to his feet...both men trade strikes in the center of the ring. Pillman takes Hammerstone down with a crossbody. Huge powerslam with cover...Hammerstone escapes. He sets Hammerstone up for his signature swinging-neckbreaker...MJF causes a distraction...Hammerstone drops Pillman off the top rope...then lands his finisher for the victory.


Alexander Hammerstone wins by pinfall

Dynasty attacks Pillman following the match. Holliday and MJF hold Pillman down while Hammerstone destroys the chains that Hart gave him for luck. The heels pose as the segment ends.

Promo from MLW heavyweight champion Tom Lawlor. Lawlor is seen training at his Muy Thai gym, where he expresses that "if you want to be a need to put the time in." Vignettes of him hitting the heavy-bag, sparring, and working submissions with a trainer are shown. He continues to call out Jimmy Havoc's name during the process, alerting that he's prepared for his next title challenge.

Main event is next!

Mance Warner is on his way out with a flag and beer in hand. LA Park, accompanied by Salina de la Renta, is out second. Park grabs a chair and tosses it into the ring.

LA Park versus Mance Warner in a DEATHMATCH

Both men show off to the crowd before the match starts. Warner mocks Park's signature walk before jabbing him in the face. Fight spills to the outside early. Warner violently whips Park into the barricade. Big headbutt. He claws at Park's mask, who escapes Warner by climbing into the crowd. Warner in quick pursuit. He smashes Park's head off a sound crate. Park flees back to the ring...Warner has some fans help him bring a table to ringside.


Back in the ring...Warner uses a chair to hit Park with a tornado DDT. He charges Park...running knee. And another. Pinfall attempt but Park kicks out. Warner grabs a kendo stick from under the ring. He nails Park in the gut, followed by another shot over his back. Russian leg-sweep with the Kendo Stick from Warner. He sits Park in the chair and attempts another running knee...Park catches him and slams him right on the chair. Chair shot to Warner. Park then drags Warner to the table on the outside, places him atop, and hits a running senton from the apron sending them both through. Park sets up a different table off the barricade and sends Warner through it with a running powerslam.

Park nails Warner in the back with his outfit belt. Warner likes the pain...even begs Park to hit him several times more. Warner removes his suspenders and each man lays into each other with ugly sounding belt shots. They start trading fists. Now chops. Park nearly wins the match with a stiff standing lariat. Park goes to the outside and grabs a huge piece of wood that's under the ring. He brings it inside...and sets it up off the two folding chairs that Warner and Park have been using. He drapes Warner over it...TOP ROPE SENTON. Crowd goes crazy. Park with another pinfall attempt...Warner JUST gets a shoulder up. Park smashes Warner over the head with another piece of the wood. Warner rolls to the outside...Park with a suicide dive!


Warner catches Park coming through the ropes with a rope assisted DDT. He throws something at Salina...then lands his signature eye-poke onto Park. Chair throw. Warner climbs...Park throws the chair at him again. It hits a fan in the crowd. Instant replay covers up Park's move, but he's now on the top and Warner back to his feet. Missile dropkick from Park, followed by the spear to earn the victory.

LA Park wins by pinfall

MLW teases a Middleweight championship match-up next week for Teddy Hart, but question whether or not he will be healthy enough.

That's the show friends.