MLW Fusion Recap (3/30): Teddy Hart Defends Middleweight Championship, Daga In Action, AirWolf Debut

Show opens with Salina de la Renta having a conversation with Hijo de la Park. She tells him to go to "that place we talked about" and give "him" whatever he wants. Park agrees, then walks off. Salina then addresses the camera: "Just when you thought Promociones Dorado was done...we're back b—h."

Fusion Intro.

Rich Boccini and Jim Cornette welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They hype next week's Battle Riot event, where Tom Lawlor will defend the MLW heavyweight championship against a returning Jimmy Havoc. Announced for tonight...Ricky Martinez versus a debuting Air Wolf.

Flashback to last week when Teddy Hart was arrested, and Brian Pillman Jr. was left to battle Alexander Hammerstone on his own. Following a loss, Hammerstone, Richard Holliday, and MJF, now known as Dynasty, beat Pillman down, and destroyed the custom chains that Teddy Hart gave him for luck. Boccini announces that Teddy Hart will defend the MLW middleweight championship in an open challenge for tonight's main event.

Ariel Dominguez is on his way to the ring for the evening's first bout. Low Ki is on commentary, and says that he has an invested interested in this bout. Dominguez's opponent...Daga. Video footage of Low Ki and Daga's war from a few months ago is played, where Low Ki ripped a piece of Daga's ear off. Low Ki says he is the most dangerous man in MLW.

Daga versus Ariel Dominguez

They shake hands. Headbutt by Daga. Tie-up. Daga takes the early advantage with a headlock. He transitions into an armbar. Dominguez uses his speed to escape, but Daga overpowers him and applies the headlock in deeper. Nice back and forth sequence that ends with Daga landing a flush dropkick. Snap suplex with cover from Daga...the little man kicks out. Daga whips Dominguez in the corner and stomps him down. A series of running lariats from Daga, followed by a huge haymaker that drops Dominguez to the mat. Daga is in total control.

Domingue is able to avoid a charge from Daga, but cannot take advantage...superkick from Daga...another lariat. Back body drop, running knee, and standing shooting star from Daga all in succession. Snapmare and PK. Dominguez is able to string together some offense...springboard tornado DDT! Daga is stunned! He rolls to the outside...Dominguez with a top rope crossbody! Back in the ring he goes for another springboard DDT but Daga catches him. A series of counters from both men...Daga slows Dominguez down with a big forearm. German suplex and a Bloody Sunday net Daga the win.

Daga wins by pinfall.

Daga and Low Ki are about to go at it but they are separated by referees and security...ending the segment.

Recap of last week's main event when LA Park defeated Mance Warner in the main event. Following the match, Warner jumped Park during a post-match interview, but was beat down by Promociones Dorado.

Promo from Myron Reed. He is ready to accept Teddy Hart's challenge, but only if he gets a fair referee, unlike the ones he's been getting. He tells Hart that the time is come for him to take his rightful spot in the company as champion.

Another video package of Dynasty's beatdown on Brian Pillman Jr from last week is played. The feed cuts to the H2 network where Teddy Hart addresses Dynasty. He says that MJF should have been doing soap-operas, because he doesn't know what real wrestling is. He says their legacy is what real wrestling is about, and that he'll throw MJF into the fire like coal to keep their train running.

Rick Martinez is on his way to the ring for his matchup with Air Wolf. He is accompanied, as always, by Salina de la Renta.

Ricky Martinez versus Air Wolf

Air Wolf takes Martinez down with a frankensteiner to start! Headscissor takedown. Big combo from Air Wolf ending with a dropkick. Martinez rolls to the apron but Air Wolf meets him with a springboard dropkick that sends him to ringside. Crossbody over the top from Air Wolf! Salina taunts Air Wolf to distract him...Martinez can't take advantage as Air Wolf nails him with a right hand. Martinez is able to sweep Air Wolf's leg out while he's climbing the barricade and Air Wolf hits hard. Martinez whips Air Wolf into the barricade and is now in full control.

Back in the ring...Martinez smashes Air Wolf's head into the mat with his legs. Air Wolf targets the legs with kicks, but Martinez takes back control with a slingshot suplex. Stiff kick from Martinez. He goes for a second...Air Wolf catches his leg and hits an elbow. Martinez fires right back with a jumping thrust-kick. Air Wolf gets the feet up during a Martinez charge...roll-through enziguri from Air Wolf! Another combo from Martinez...Air Wolf sets up Martinez on the ropes...619! DDT! Air Wolf climbs for a moonsault...Martinez kicks out Air Wolf's leg again! He bounces Air Wolf off the ropes...pop-up GTS. Got em.

Ricky Martinez wins by pinfall.

Promo from Contra. A highlight video of their destruction from the past several weeks is played. Fatu says that Contra will salt the earth with the ashes of their enemies.

Dynasty is backstage for a promo. Hammerstone calls the Hart Foundation one of the worst lies in wrestling. That's why he, Holliday, and MJF took it upon themselves to target them. Hammerstone promises that at Battle Riot, Dynasty cements themselves as the most dominant force in MLW.

The Battle Riot card is run down, including Jimmy Havoc challenging Tom Lawlor for the MLW heavyweight championship. Lawlor calls Havoc the only blip on what's been a fantastic year for him. Lawlor guarantees that he will send Havoc back to the hospital, but this time he will earn the victory.

Daga is backstage. He is here for one reason...and one reason only. For his rematch with Low Ki. He then cuts a promo in Spanish: "Hey Low Ki. I'm back...and you know what for? I'm going to end you. So remember this well...this is just the beginning."

Main event is next!

Salina de la Renta is screaming on the phone wondering where Hijo de la Park is. She goes to LA Park. LA Park says not to worry...he'll handle this.

Myron Reed is out first. He still wears white tape over his mouth with #freeSWANN on it, referring to Rich Swann's ongoing battle with the MLW officials. The champ is out next. He's accompanied by the rest of the Hart Foundation.

Teddy Hart versus Myron Reed for the MLW Middleweight championship

Reed rolls to the outside, refusing to tie up with Hart. He comes back into the ring and Hart catches him in an armbar! He cranks Reeds arm over his shoulder. Reed uses his athleticism to escape. Big shoulder block from Hart but Reed pops right back up. Hart makes him pay with a huge uppercut. Powerslam from Hart. He favors his ribs...still hurt from the attack by Dynasty. Powerbomb lungblower! Springboard elbow. Hart is in control but his ribs are really bothering him.

After Hart goes to the corner to rest...Reed targets Hart's ribs. He stomps Hart down in the corner, and rips off his shirt to expose the ribs more. Monster Irish-whip from Reed and Hart hits the turnbuckle chest first. Hart goes for a back body drop...Reed lands on his feet and nails Hart with a pump kick. Codebreaker from Reed...Hart just gets a shoulder up. Reed throws Hart to the outside. He tosses Hart into the barricade. Back in the ring Reed climbs to the top...frog splash with cover...Hart kicks out! Reed argues with the ref...Hart rolls him up! He transitions into the rings of saturn, but he can't keep the submission in due to injury from his ribs. Hart climbs...Reed meets him...TOP ROPE FRANKENSTEINER! Hart gets a shoulder up again! Reed goes for a top rope 450...Hart moves! He picks Reed up and locks in a bearhug. Hart turns it into a hammerlock DDT! Both men are down.

Hart with a neckbreaker. He climbs for a middle-rope moonsault but Reed gets the knees up! Cover...two count. Reed argues with the referee again...Hart with a backslide em!

Teddy Hart wins by pinfall and retains the MLW Middleweight championship.

Backstage Salina de la Renta is with Hijo de la Park and LA Park. Hijo punches his father in the face! He takes the mask's Mance Warner! Warner and Park go at it! Salina flees.

That's the show friends.