- Above is new video of WWE NXT UK Superstars Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan at the WWE UK Performance Center in London. Now that they have two straight wins, Jordan wants Williams to ask NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint for a NXT UK Tag Team Title shot, but Williams wants Jordan to spend some time in the gym with him.

- WWE Hall of Famer Sting turns 60 years old today while former WWE talent KC James turns 37, former TNA star Homicide turns 40 and former WCW star Scott "Sick Boy" Vick turns 44.

- Nia Jax took to Twitter today and responded to a fan who posted a sign criticizing her. As seen below, the sign read: "Nia! I feel compelled to stress that we are not booing because of your effective heel work we are booing because you are simply awful"

Jax wrote, "Hahaha hahah!!! Amazing! You PAID for a board, markers, made the sign, PAID to come to the show to hold it up and at the end of the day I still got PAID. Try again dude"