WWE NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm Still Has To Deal With Internet Trolls Over Leaked Photos

NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm shared a photo on Twitter that showed herself sporting some spiky sunglasses, featuring the caption: "Got these so I could keep a.. sharp eye on everything."

One Twitter user started harassing Storm by bringing up the nude photos of her that were leaked on the internet. The user replied to her photo with: "Apparently not sharp enough to catch the leaks and stop them from happening."


The user's account has since been suspended, and their tweet to Storm has been removed. Storm did reply to the crude comment. She mentioned that during the time of her personal photos leaking, she considered taking own life.

Her full response was: "Glad you're having a good laugh over something that made me want to take my own life."

She also retweeted the tweet to her followers and captioned it: "He's right. Anyone else want to continue humiliating, bullying and shaming me? Apparently, I've not gone through enough. Go on then!" The leaked photos were released back in January and Storm is still dealing with internet trolls over it.

We featured Storm's tweets below, however, her Twitter account has since been suspended: