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- Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman on commentary, joined by NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis.

Marty Scurll vs. Kenny King

Scurll with an uppercut that sends King to the floor, follows up with a superkick, and then another on the fake Marty Scurll that came to the ring with King. Back in the ring, Scurll takes down King, crowd very much behind him. King recovers, hits a springboard blockbuster, cover, two. King with a thumb to the eye, snapmare, knee drop, chops, backbreaker, and elbow to the back of the head. Scurll tries to head to the top, King stops him, heads to the second rope, gets shoved and lands on his feet, then kicks Scurll, sending him crashing to the floor.

King with a dive to the outside, Scurll dodges gets up on the apron and lands a tornado DDT on the outside. Back in the ring, half nelson suplex, enziguri, powerbomb on King for a two-count. King works his way back into the match, spinebuster lands, cover, two. Big slap to the face and Scurll returns the favor. Couple different pin counters, all two count. Scurll stomps on King's hand, then looks to snap the fingers and king blocks it, kick to the head.

Scurll rolls to the outside, King with a senton cannonball to the outside. King heads up to the top, Scurll with a shot to the face, heads up to the top and lands a superplex. He tries for another, but King hits royal flush. Scurll recovers, King decides to grab a chair, the referee pulls it away and tosses it out of the ring. Scurll grabs his umbrella and smacks King at the same moment, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Marty Scurll via Pinfall

Jeff Cobb (c) vs. Shane Taylor (ROH World TV Championship)

Cobb and Taylor go right at it when the bell rings. Taylor finally gets the best of Cobb as he swings away in the corner, sending Cobb flying into the other corner. Cobb gets in some offense as he chops and punches away at Taylor who comes back with some forearms. Cobb with a big boot that sends Taylor to the outside, Taylor trips up Cobb on the apron then lands a spear from the apron to the floor. Taylor tries for another senton cannonball in the corner, Cobb moves out of the way. Back-and-forth chops, Cobb with a delayed pump-handle overhead release suplex, cover, two-count.

Cobb with a superkick and a big lariat, but the momentum takes Cobb to the outside. Referee starts his count, but Cobb makes it back in time. Bit of a face-off as they swing away on each other. Taylor put on the top rope, Cobb follows up and looks for a superplex, Taylor fights it off, but Cobb then just throws Taylor across the ring, pin, one-count, standing moonsault, cover, two-count. Taylor up and plants Cobb hard to the mat, cover, two-count. Taylor with a headbutt, judo throw, heads to the second rope, big splash, cover, two. Taylor with some taunting smacks, Cobb with a slap, delayed german suplex with the bridge, two. Taylor up, lariat turns Cobb inside outside, followed up by a canadian destroyer, pin, two. Cobb back up, hits a somewhat weak tour of the islands, Taylor is still fighting to get up, Cobb hits another for the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb via Pinfall

Mayu Iwatani with Sumie Sakai (c) vs. Kelly Klein (ROH Women of Honor World Championship)

Klein immediately attacks Iwatani after the bell rings, sending her opponent into the corner a couple times. Klein with a couple knee strikes to the head, shoulder tackle, ground and pound. Iwatani fights her way back up, hits two slingblades. Iwatani with a couple kicks, northern lights suplex, two-count. Iwatani heads to the second rope, hits a double stomp, kick, cover, two. Back and forth strikes that eventually flattens Iwatani, the champ is back up and they continue the strikes. Klein sends Iwatani out to the floor, booting her out to the floor again as she tries to get back in the ring.

German suplex on Klein, Iwatani takes a massive german suplex, gets back up though and swings away. Second rope moonsault, goes for a top rope moonsault, knees up though. Klein hits k-power, cover, two-count. Klein is getting frustrated now, big clothesline, Klein yelling at the ref a bit. Iwatani with the sneaky roll-up for the victory.

Winner: Mayu Iwatani via Pinfall

- Matt Taven comes to the ring and says he can't wait another moment, he can't stand the disrespect he's receiving as the "real" World Champion. He wants the match right now. Jay Lethal's music hits and the champion heads out.

Jay Lethal (c) vs. Matt Taven (ROH World Championship)

Lethal and Taven jaw a bit before they begin swinging away, Lethal with chops in the corner. Taven throws Lethal into the corner, Lethal fights back, but Taven lands a suplex, pin, two. Lethal is back up, hits multiple knee drops. Taven hits a body slam, cover, two. Lethal with a hip toss right into a dropkick. Taven keeps Lethal grounded, reverse chinlock locked in. Lethal with a dragon screw leg whip to finally break the hold.

Taven tries for a figure-four, no luck, Lethal tries for lethal injection, nope, counters Taven's suplex, tries again, nope, Taven with a spinning kick to the head, cover, two. Taven really working over Lethal, but gets sent out to the floor, holding his knee. Lethal with a suicide dive, brings Taven to a different side of the ring, uppercut, Lethal with another suicide dive. Lethal goes for a third one and nails Taven for a third time.

Back in the ring, Taven is able to work his way back into the match, launching Lethal's shoulder into the ring post, Lethal really selling his shoulder now. Single arm DDT on Lethal, then tries to get a cross armbreaker on Lethal, he doesn't let it happen and stacks Taven up for a two-count. Taven plants Lethal to the mat face-first, then goes for a crippler crossface. Lethal finally gets a foot on the ropes, back and forth slaps, headbutt by Lethal, Taven yanks Lethal's shoulder into the mat.

Lethal starts to get some momentum back, but Marseglia and O'Ryan eventually their way to the ring and Lethal ends up getting hit with a bat while the referee somehow sees none of this. Jonathan Gresham runs down to help make the save, but ends up getting his leg cracked with a chair. Marseglia and O'Ryan go to bring out a table and Haskins & Williams come down to stop it. They end up chasing off Marseglia & O'Ryan. The referee is watching what's going on the outside, Taven with a lowblow, plants him with climax, cover, two!

Looks for another climax, no, rolling neckbreaker, Taven heads to the top with a frog splash, cover, two. Taven tries for another frog splash, knees up, Lethal lands a cutter, both men down. Crowd pretty divided for each wrestler. Both swinging away on each other in the ring. Taven looks for a springboard, caught, torture rack on Taven, planted down on the mat, cover, two-count. Lethal drives Taven down on the mat, Lethal heads to the top, elbow drop, crucifix counter, two. Lethal with a figure-four, Taven finally gets to the ropes. Lethal tries to suplex Taven into the ring and is countered getting suplexed down through the table that was set up earlier in the match. Referee starts up his 20-count, Taven gets in the ring, Lethal would have been counted out, but Taven stops the count and drags him back in.

Lethal put up on the top rope, Taven with multiple kicks, backpack stunner, cover, two. Taven drives Lethal down, cover, two. Lethal plants Taven with climax, pin, two. Taven sits up and flips off Lethal only to get kicked twice in the face. Lethal injection hits, cover, two-count. Cutter on Taven on the apron and then again on the floor. Lethal checks under the ring and brings out another table. Lethal with a couple smacks as he puts Taven on the table. The champ heads to the top rope, but Taven follows him up and hits DDT on the apron. Taven yanks a ladder out from under the ring. He then puts it from the apron to the table, Taven looks for DDT, no, Lethal with a dropkick, but Taven grabs the ropes. Lethal with another dropkick and Taven is laying out on the ladder now. Lethal takes forever to go up to the top rope and go for an elbow drop, Taven moves out of the way and Lethal crashes into the ladder.

Referee and some ROH Dojo students are trying to help Lethal to the back, he's not wanting to go. Taven with a big dive that takes out all three guys. Taven throws him in the ring, cutter, knee to the face, cover, two. Taven with three more knees to the face, Taven with a slap to the face, spit to the face. Taven with one more knee, cover, 2-count. Taven goes for a splash off the top rope, Lethal with a midair cutter, cover, two. A lot of the crowd is standing and chanting "this is awesome." Taven getting to his knees yelling "I hate you!" Both swing away from their knees. Lethal with three superkicks, lethal injection, cover, two-count. The bell rings and we've reached the 60 minute time limit.

Match ends in a 60-minute time limit draw.

- Post-match, Marty Scurll heads to the ring, picks up the title and puts it around his shoulder. Scurll then heads up the ramp and to the back with it. Taven and Lethal finally get to their feet, Taven doesn't shake Lethal's hand and goes to the back.

- Rapper, Mega Ran, performs "Going to the Garden." Bully Ray ends up coming out to the ring, says he thought the song sucks and rips on Mega Ran. Bully makes fun of video games and says Mega Ran probably played wrestling video games, and picked his character, Bubba Ray. Mega Ran says he actually picked D-Von. Bully shoves both guys and kicks them out of the ring. Bully is offended by his song and says he's the only one who's actually wrestled at MSG. Bully picks on some kids, says he's going to slap them if they don't go sit down. "They're just kids!" chant from the crowd. He says nobody can stand up to him at the garden. Crowd with a "Flip" chant, Bully shuts that down and then says he offers up an open challenge to anyone in the world, any company, anyone retired or still wrestling in a street fight.

Bandido vs. Rush

Dalton Castle at commentary for this match. Things get off to a fast start with both wrestlers countering each other. Bandido looks for a hurricanrana off the apron, caught in midair and powerbombed through a table. Back in the ring, Rush continues to work over Bandido. Bandido finally gets Rush out to the floor, hits a suicide dive, then hits a fosbury flop. Springboard crossbody, cover, two.

Bandido sent in the corner, Rush with a fake dropkick, kick to the face, and does a tranquillo pose. Bandido fires back, canadian destroyer, followed up by a rough looking hurricarana. Rush heads to the top, but gets kicked in the face. Bandido heads up, but Rush with a deadlift superplex, cover, two. Rush stuck on the second rope, Bandido with a springboard 450 splash down on his opponent, cover, two. Bandido looks for a springboard crossbody, dropkick in midair, and he goes to the outside. Rush with a flip over the top rope, taking out Bandido. Bandido with a knee to the face, charges into the corner, but gets an overhead release suplex. Rush drops Bandido in the corner, big low running dropkick (the bullhorns), cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Rush via Pinfall

- Post-match, Dalton Castle heads into the ring to get a closer look at Rush. On the mic, Castle says Rush is a good challenge for him and wonders if they could get in the ring at Madison Square Garden. Rush wonders who Castle is and cuts a promo in English and Spanish, sounds like he accepted before heading to the back.

- The Kingdom left the build so TK O'Ryan and Vinny Marseglia vs. Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams won't take place. Also, Jonathan Gresham took a chairshot to the knee when trying to save Lethal. Silas Young, who was scheduled to face Gresham, also attacked Gresham backstage, so that match won't take place either. Young then heads to commentary before tonight's main event.

The Briscoes (c) vs. PCO & Brody King (Las Vegas Street Fight for the ROH World Tag Team Championship)

Chair fight from all four wrestlers to get things started. Mark with a corkscrew moonsault to the floor to clear out King. PCO gets a chair kicked into his face. King gets a chairshot to the back. Multiple chops on the apron between PCO and Mark, PCO just leaps off the apron and plants Markthrough a table. King with a big chop in the corner on Jay. PCO wants some chops from King, King then send PCO into the corner, running cannonball by King. Chair gets put between his legs, PCO smacks the chair with another one. Mark with a kendo stick shot to PCO's back and it just annoys him. He goes after Mark on the outside and sends him into the barricade. PCO is dropped, back in the ring, The Briscoes team-up on King.

A table is brought into the ring and put in the corner, King sends one Briscoe into a chair that was stuck in the corner. King then hits a running death valley driver in the corner. Jay is busted open. King with a chair to the midsection and then another shot to the back of Mark. All four are fighting on the outside. Jay gets cracked in the face by PCO with a piece of the table. King and PCO use some chairs to lift up the ramp a bit. Bricoes come charging in with kendo sticks. Jay goes to hit King with a kendo stick and mistakenly cracks his brother in the head with it.

PCO runs down the ramp to take out both Briscoes and just gets back body dropped on the apron. He charges in again and gets back body dropped again, this time on the apron. Jay has a crimson mask as he headbutts and beats up King in the ring. Mark gets two tables set up on the floor. Jay looks for a suplex on King through the tables, nope. Mark with a top rope blockbuster, sending King through both of them. King rolled back into the ring, Jay driller hits, cover, two. King getting hammered over and over with kendo sticks. PCO makes his way into the ring and takes a bunch of kendo stick shots to the head. He catches both and snaps them over his knee. PCO with a double clothesline and he bleeds from those shots.

PCO gets the jagged edge of a kendo stick to the throat. Mark brings out yet another table and sets it up on the floor. Mark gets sent on a pile of chairs off the top rope to the floor. Jay is looking for a jay driller through the table. King then looks for a piledriver and ended up just basically falling on his side through the table, looked ugly. Back in the ring, PCO with a moonsault on a chair for the 1-2-3. New champs!

Winners: PCO & Brody King via pinfall to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship