RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey noted in an Instagram post that husband Travis Browne has been “banned” from WWE RAW.

As noted, last night’s RAW saw Rousey and Browne put hands on WWE security guards after Rousey’s squash win over Dana Brooke. Rousey and Browne then left together. We noted this morning how Rousey tweeted on WWE not being able to control her with the job. She expanded that tweet on Instagram and revealed the storyline ban for Browne.

Rousey wrote, “@wwe can fire me whenever they want. I’ll gladly go home and live happily ever after with the love of my life @travisbrownemma. They can’t control me with this job. @wwe can assign as many security they want to follow me, they can’t control me with hired goons. @wwe can go ahead and fine me however much they want. They can’t control me with money. You’re all lucky my husband @travisbrownemma was there to stop me when I was just getting started. Now that he’s been banned from #Raw, your luck has run out.”