- Matt Hardy may not be doing his "Broken" gimmick full-time on WWE TV now that The Hardy Boys have returned but as seen above, Hardy is still "Broken" for his Woken Word of the Week videos on his personal YouTube channel. This week's word is "multifarious" and with that Hardy gives a look at some of his different versions. He says at the end of the video, "More titles equals more money. I may sometimes be broken but b---h, I will never be broke!"

- WWE has a new poll asking if Mandy Rose is ready for SmackDown Women's Champion Asuka at Sunday's WWE Fastlane pay-per-view. As of this writing, 66% voted, "No. God's Greatest Creation's usual tricks are ineffective on someone as mentally tough as Asuka." The rest went with, "Yes. Asuka's attack on Fire & Desire proves that Mandy has successfully gotten into her head."

- Rusev took to Twitter today and made a series of cryptic tweets. It's hard to tell if the SmackDown Superstar is really teasing something because he often trolls fans on social media, especially as of late.

One fan told Rusev that it was good to see him at last night's SmackDown. He responded with, "You might have seen the last of me too."

Another fan said maybe Rusev should go to WWE NXT to win the title now that champion Tommaso Ciampa is injured. Rusev responded and apparently referenced the original tweet about seeing the last of him. He wrote, "That's what i was implying earlier. You figured it out."

Rusev later added, "Don't read into it ...... but read into it! Does it make sense"

You can see the related tweets below: