Sammy Guevara Explains Why He Chose AEW And Doesn't Want To Sign With WWE

AEW star Sammy Guevara spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our own WINCLY Podcast about some future dream opponents he has considered within the company. He also went in-depth about why he doesn't want to sign with WWE just yet.

Guevara isn't certain of any one attribute that may have brought on interest from The Elite, but he is confident that his in-ring skills and video making abilities played some kind of role. It likely helped that he's already worked indie shows with Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks.

"Before I was even contacted – it's just funny because I had a feeling they were going to contact me," Guevara said. "Everybody's getting signed up right now, and it's like, okay, if you're going to sign some people, why wouldn't you sign me? I'm very good at the videos and all that but you know what I'm very, very good at and that's wrestling. So, I don't know exactly what drew their eye to me, but I've been on a couple of shows with The Bucks, with Cody before, so I think it was just a matter of timing of when they wanted to bring me in."

Guevara revealed that even if he had been offered a contract from WWE, he wouldn't have felt ready to take it at the time. Sammy is convinced that staying with AEW is the best move in his current state.

"I was talking to a couple [of other potential employers], but honestly, I have no interest right now," Guevara stated. "Like, for me, Sammy Guevara, 25, and my current name where it's at, I have no interest in going to WWE at the moment, which is very weird for me to say. If I ever do go there, I want my name to be at a much higher point. When I was at the tryout a couple of years ago, back in 2017, it kind of opened my eyes. It's like, oh, if I don't have a pretty big following of big names, they kind of don't give an f- about you."

Guevara mentioned the over-flooded roster of WWE as another factor contributing to his waiting, pointing out that certain stars just get put on the back burner to wait for a chance in the spotlight.

"Especially, there's too many guys signed at the moment," Guevara added. "They've got guys on the back-burner just waiting, so, for me, it just didn't seem like the best option. And honestly, the only place I wanted to go was AEW, so when they offered me, there wasn't really a second thought. I was like, alright, here we go, that's the place I want to go to."

Guevara is looking forward to working alongside a man that he has watched on TV throughout his life, Chris Jericho.

"It's going to be very cool getting in [the ring] with Jericho. Just watching him growing up and then to finally get in the ring with this dude that I used to watch on TV," Sammy said. "And now, to have the other people watching me wrestle him on TV is kind of mind blowing."

For other future opponents, Sammy sees PAC and MJF as two viable candidates for buzzworthy matches. He also thinks battling his former Lucha Underground partner, Sonny Kiss, would incite a quality match.

"PAC and MJF, I haven't worked him yet, so that might be cool, but PAC as well would be a good one," Sammy explained. "Sonny Kiss, that was actually my tag partner in Lucha Underground, so Sonny Kiss might be a good one."

Guevara agrees that wrestling should be inclusive to all, reminding listeners that it's simply entertainment at the end of the day.

"Wrestling is a sport but it's entertainment, and so, it's kind of funny that some things are taboo in wrestling," Guevara said. "Wrestling can be whatever you want it to be and I think it's very cool that we're seeing certain things."

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