Sammy Guevara Reveals When He'll Stop Performing On The Indies To Start Full-Time With AEW

One of AEW's rising stars and the former AAA Cruiserweight Champion, Sammy Guevara, recently took the time to speak with our own WINCLY Podcast. During the conversation, Guevara revealed which AEW stars he would like most to work with once the promotion starts picking up steam.


For Guevara, he's determined to show his versatility and adapt to all the different styles AEW has to offer, whether that means facing the cruiserweights or heavyweights on the roster. He's looking forward to upcoming opportunities that will let him show the world what he's truly capable of in the ring.

"A couple of years ago, when the Cruiserweight Classic was a thing, everybody wanted to be a cruiserweight," Guevara explained. "All of a sudden, everyone is 205 or lower. I never came out and said I'm the greatest cruiserweight, I'm just a great one, so, it doesn't matter a weight limit, I'll go for that heavyweight title. If they want to have a cruiserweight division, I can conquer that. I've wrestled big guys, I've squatted Keith Lee. I feel like a lot of people don't know what or who Sammy Guevara is, but I'm very excited to show everybody exactly what I bring to the table."


It's no surprise that Guevara wants to face legendary performers like Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega while he's signed with AEW. No matter the opponent or the place on the card, Sammy's primary goal is to steal the show and keep the fans talking after it's come to a conclusion.

"Of course you want to get in there with the Jerichos, the Bucks, Omega," Guevara began. "[I] kinda want to get in there with the big guys, but also, just showing exactly what I said a second ago: just showing that I belong... Wherever they put me at Double Or Nothing, wherever I am on that card, my goal is for people to leave there going, 'Jericho and Kenny, that was cool, but damn, that Sammy Guevara guy? He came out, he showed out' – and just for people to realize who I am."

Away from the ring, Sammy spends a portion of his time producing and starring in different vlogs on his YouTube channel. He mentioned how his goal with these videos is to give the fans a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on when he's not competing inside the squared circle.

"The videos, the vlogs and all that, is just me showing my journey. In the ring, you only see a match for twenty minutes or something like that and there's so much more that goes in to it," Guevara said. "So what I do is, I try to give people an inside look in to my world, but also motivate people, because I'm going on my journey, and just because I'm doing this and followed my dreams, it doesn't mean that you also can't do the same. I shoot it, I edit it, it takes a lot of time but I like the end results."


One of AEW's Executive VPs, Matt Jackson, is also a huge fan of film, and he works on the group's Being The Elite Series each week. Guevara is excited about collaborating creatively with The Elite in whatever fashion presented.

"Now that [Mat Jackson] and I are a part of the same company, I'm looking forward to making some cool stuff," Guevara said. "Maybe I can make their theme, Being The Elite series, a little more crisp. Add some more dope drone shots in there or something...I'm sure [my video skills played a role in my being hired by AEW], we didn't really talk about it that much, but, you know, I make my own videos and stuff like that. So we've got this long time before Double Or Nothing and so you know me, I'm going to continue to make content. So I feel like any company I'm with, you're kind of getting a package deal so you know that you're not just getting Sammy Guevara, you're getting Sammy Guevara plus this platform that he's building right now."

Guevara is proud of his close, longtime friend, DJZ, for signing with WWE and beginning to make the transition to the company. Even though they're currently headed in different directions regarding their employers, Sammy is optimistic that he and DJZ may still work together again in the future.


"Me and DJ, we go back from like, 2013, and we faced each other a couple of times before. But you know, to be one of his last [matches] was cool," Guevara stated. "Plus, for me, I'm not going to be able to do independent dates here soon, so, it was kind of like the last time for him and I, you know, for a while. The future is always changing and you never know. Maybe we might see DJZ in AEW, maybe we'll see me in WWE one day. The future is always changing."

Guevara also revealed when he can no longer take booking dates because of AEW's starting, full-time schedule.

"It's either May first or before Double Or Nothing [when I got full-time with AEW], or starting Double Or Nothing," Sammy said. "I can't do any dates in the States; I can still do international, Mexico, and stuff like that, but I can't do any in the States."

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