On a recent installment of his X-PAC 12360 show, Sean Waltman spoke in-depth about the passings of Luke Perry and legendary WWE star, King Kong Bundy. He also recalled a funny story that occurred between Bundy and Bret Hart back in the mid-90's.

Waltman revealed that he was actually in the process of bringing Luke Perry on to his show prior to his passing. He mentioned how Perry's enthusiasm and passion for wrestling really carried through when he was talking about Dusty Rhodes.

"I didn't even know [Luke Perry] was a big wrestling fan untilů I watched him talking to Cody [Rhodes], and just how his eyes lit up talking about Dusty [Rhodes]," Waltman explained. "I have a voicemail from him, I was gonna pull it upů He's [Rory Karpf], the one who set it up for Luke to come on the show. And Luke felt really bad, he was doing that Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, the Tarantino movie about Charles Manson, he was doing that and all kinds of stuff, and he still wanted to come on the show...There's just this massive hole that can't be filled, a lot of people go... and they didn't really impact people's lives that much in a positive way, they impacted their own lives. But it's different when it's somebody like thatů You never get over this type of thing."

Another devastating loss this week was that of legendary WWE star, King Kong Bundy. Waltman remembered when he first laid eyes on Bundy as a child watching WWE and the awe that his massive physique inspired.

"That's what I woke up to this morning," Waltman said. "We weren't, like, buddies or anything. I was critical of Bundy in his last run when he came through WWE, but King Kong Bundy when I was a kid was just like, 'Holy sh--.'

"My first memory of King Kong Bundy was on TBS, and he was a member of Legion of Doom. I remember when he turned - Bundy turned babyface. He was over like a motherfu---- as a babyface," Waltman continued. "He was this big wide dude. It wasn't like he has this huge, humongous gut. He was just a massive human being."

Waltman remembered a funny story from when he and Bundy were still actively competing in the company together. At the time, Bundy apparently refused to tap out to then-WWE Champion Bret Hart.

"And funny story, Bundy comes back in the mid-90's when I am there," Waltman started. "I am 1-2-3 Kid, Bret's champ, and they're bringing him in, and they're pushing him as a heel and trying to get him over. We're over in Germany, it was an obscure spot show and it was Bret vs. Bundy, and Bundy didn't want to tap out to the sharpshooter. He told Bret, 'I've never given up in my whole career. I don't want to start now.' Like, he's our f'n champ. Rest in peace, King Kong Bundy."