Simon Grimm On Leaving Behind His Vaudevillain Image After Years Away From WWE

Alicia Atout of AMBY Interviews spoke to Simon Grimm (formerly known as Simon Gotch, part of The Vaudevillains) while at the recent Destiny Wrestling and BlackCraft Wrestling IPPV, The Ritutal. Grimm discussed why he chose to get rid of his mustache and how he disposed of it.

Where he lost his vaudevillian mustache:

"I think Rhode Island or maybe Massachusetts. We were in Worcester, Massachusetts, that's where it was."

Why fans lead him to get rid of his mustache:

"I hadn't done the vaudeville and old-timey strongman things since I left WWE, but there were people that believed that I still did that. To the point where on social media, there were people who would still make fun or have commented about what I was doing and the gimmick I was doing. Apparently, they never saw me wrestle at least in the last two years. At a certain point, I realized no matter what or how much I changed my look, as long as I got the mustache, people are going to assume I was doing that.

"I was wrestling Tim Thatcher (which I knew him for years, first time wrestling in California) and we're calling the match about five minutes we got through talking, he's calling the match back to me and I'm standing over a trashcan shaving my mustache off. I had it since 2010."

Grimm also talked about what makes him appear to be witty and Teddy Hart impressions. You can listen to the whole interview in the above video.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Alicia Atout – AMBY Interviews with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.