Yesterday we asked which of tonight's WWE Fastlane PPV matches interest you the most, and the reaction was basically "none." Many felt this PPV is unnecessary with WrestleMania looming and the card itself isn't very captivating.

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens led the pack, but not by much with Charlotte taking on Becky Lynch in a close second. Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade captured some votes since it's expected they'll put on another great match. The WWE Women's Tag Team Titles match received a few votes (simply because it's something new) and the same went for Ricochet and Aleister Black being involved in tonight's PPV.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments.

Billy Walker:

"Owens/Bryan. Interested in how they'll integrate Kofi somehow."

Horse Face:

"Nothing must see on this card whatsoever. If I had to pick one that interests me the most (or more realistically disinterests me the least), I would go with the women's tag title match, since this is still a fresh new title, which is being defended for the first time. But even that match is blah."


"Arguably the worst card of 2019. I would be upset if I was going to this event. No AJ Styles? Lame. And the matches seem meh. Mandy Rose winning will be good. Becky losing is expected so meh. Bryan and Owens...what is the purpose of this match? I don't know."


"The Shield reunion would be more interesting, if it hadn't already been done before. But honestly, I'm more interested in the 3 women's matches."

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