Recap of last week's WOW, when The Beast and Jungle Grrrl needed to be separated by security after The Beast's main event win over Azteca.

Shaul Guerrero introduces our first bout of the evening. Eye Candy takes on Jessica Havok.

Eye Candy versus Jessica Havok

Tie-up. Havok forces Candy into the corner and slams off head off the turnbuckle. Havok grabs the hair and rag-dolls Candy across the ring. Candy avoids an attack and nails Havok with a lariat but it has no effect. Another lariat but Havok just absorbs it. Sleeper hold from Candy but Havok overpowers her and snapmares her to the mat. Candy gets back to her feet and lands a four hit combo that rocks Havok a bit, but Havok grabs Candy's arm and unloads a series of elbows. Big clothesline from Havok and she's back in control.

Boston Crab from Havok right in the center of the ring. Candy can't get to the ropes but refuses to quit. Havok eventually breaks the hold. Havok destroys Candy with a running knee. She looks out of it. Irish Whip from Havok but Candy jumps to the top rope for a high-risk move, but Havok pulls her leg out, then drops an elbow on her neck! Havok bounces off the ropes....big boot! She goes for a second but Candy moves. She takes advantage by taking Havok down with a a running cannonball. Eniguri by Candy. She climbs the middle-rope...dropkick with a cover...Havok gets a shoulder up. Candy climbs again for the moonsault...Havok moves at the last second! Big kick and white noise from Havok. That's it.

Jessica Havok wins by pinfall

Right on to more action. Guerrero brings out Jessie Jones, who gets booed heavily from the WOW audience. Chantilly Chella is her opponent. They play a highlight clip of Coachella, stating that the music party scene is heavy influenced into her character.

Chantilly Chella versus Jessie Jones

Chella opens things up with a kick to Jones' leg. She hops on her back for a rear-naked choke. Jones breaks the hold by backing Chella into the corner. Chella goes for an arm-drag, but Jones has it scouted and starts working over the arm. Chella fires back with a waist lock but Jones pulls out Chella's legs and she hits the mat hard. Hammerlock from Jones...she ties the arm up and tosses Chella into the turnbuckle. Jones charges...Chella gets an elbow up. Chella with the charge now but Jones with a drop-toe-hold and Chella lands on the ropes. She eventually locks in the armbar...Chella taps.

Jessie Jones wins by submission

Following her win, Jones grabs the microphone and says that Chantilly Chella is another showing of disrespect from the WOW locker room. She says that wrestling isn't about partying, but winning, and she vows to "make rasslin great again."

Sophia Lopez comes out. The world's greatest attorney presents Kobra Moon to the WOW audience, who is billed from Lucha Underground. McLane says that Lopez has purchased Moon's contract. Azteca comes out second.

Azteca versus Kobra Moon

Moon takes early advantage with a waist lock but Azteca blocks the takedown attempt. Moon with some nice technical wrestling to bring Azteca to the mat. Azteca reciprocates. Chain wrestling back-and-forth incites a lucha chant from the fans. Moon lands the first strike on Azteca with a big chop. Azteca responds with a rope-assisted arm-drag. Moon hits an arm-drag of her own. More chops from Moon, followed by a big forearm. Azteca reverses an Irish-whip but Moon catches her in the ropes with a modified tarantula submission! Three neckbreakers in a row from Moon...she goes for the pin...Azteca kicks out.

Azteca with the octopus stretch submission...Moon smashes her off the turnbuckle to break the hold. Azteca is tied up in the tree-of-woe...running basement dropkick from Moon! She goes for her finisher...Azteca with a trouble in paradise kick out of nowhere! Both women down. Azteca with a big combo that ends with a head kick. Springboard plancha from Azteca! She goes for a piledriver but Moon smashes her in corner. Coming off the ropes....Azteca transitions into a single-leg crab right in the center....Moon just gets to the ropes! Moon with a leg-sweep...reverse bloody sunday....Azteca can't kick out.

Kobra Moon wins by pinfall

The Temptress is out for the next bout, accompanied by the Dagger. Her opponent...Fire.

Fire versus The Temptress

Tie-up. Temptress with a headlock and arm-wrench in succession. Fire reverses the pressure but Temptress drops to her back and kicks Fire's arm to break the hold.

Second tie-up. Fire with the headlock takedown. Temptress shifts her weight and locks Fire up with a headscissor. The hold is broken and the competitors are separated again.

Fire gets Temptress off balance with a series of quick pins before nailing her with a standing dropkick. Sunset flip pin attempt but Temptress rolls through. Basement dropkick from Fire. When coming off the ropes Dagger grabs Fire's foot, which give Temptress the opportunity to take control. She slams Fire's head off the mat, then smashes it off the top turnbuckle. Fire goes for a superkick but Temptress rolls her up! Kick out. Temptress grabs the palm strike. Fire comes right back with a corner lariat. She goes for a second but Temptress rolls to the outside. Dagger with another distraction....Temptress grabs Fire...Samoan drop! Pinfall but Fire just escapes.

Targeting the back now...Temptress drops Fire with a backbreaker. She wears Fire down over the ropes. Dagger pulls Fire's head down over the ropes while Temptress distracts the ref. Snap suplex from Temptress. She shoves her elbow into Fire's face and rubs it back and forth. That pisses Fire off...who gets back to her feet hitting a leg kick and facebuster back-to-back. Temptress slows Fire down with a spinebuster, but can't keep her down for the pin. Snapmare from Temptress. She starts playing to the crowd, before applying a rear chinlock onto Fire.

Fire attempts a comeback but gets sent to the outside. Dagger comes over for an attack but Fire nails her with a right hand! She jumps back into the ring...Fire and Temptress take each other out with a clothesline. Back on their feet...they start trading strikes in the center of the ring. Fire wins the exchange...another snapmare and a superkick. Corner lariat, followed by a hip smash and dropkick from Fire. She picks Temptress up for a finisher but Temptress picks her up in another samoan drop. Fire lands on her feet...superkick! She climbs but Dagger pushes her off! Temptress picks up the pieces and lands a Uranagi backbreaker. That's it.

The Temptress wins by pinfall

Temptress and Dagger start laying the boots to Fire until Keta Rush runs out to make the save. She helps Fire to her feet and holds her arm up. David McLane runs into the ring to interview them both. Fire thanks Rush, and says she couldn't have done it with out her.

It's main event time. BHB is out first, along with Lana Star. Jungle Grrrl second.

Jungle Grrrl versus Beverly Hills Babe

Jungle Grrrl nails BHB with a big right hand to start. BHB immediately rolls to the outside. Jungle Grrrl in quick pursuit. She nails BHB and Lana Star, smashing their heads into each other. BHB flees back into the ring...Lana Star pulls Jungle Grrrl off the apron! She tosses her back inside. BHB takes advantage and locks in a series of submissions, including a triangle. Jungle Grrrl shows off her strength and deadlifts BHB into the turnbuckles. BHB slows Jungle Grrrl down with a hair pull. Mounted punches from BHB. Jungle Grrrl charges BHB in the corner, but BHB catches her in a rope-assisted submission.

BHB rips Jungle Grrrl's leg out while on the apron and Jungle Grrrl falls to the outside. With the ref's back turned, Lana Star hits a few strikes of her own. Back in the ring...Jungle Grrrl rolls BHB up and has it won but Star with the distraction. Jungle Grrrl doesn't let it effect her...she picks BHB up...backpack stunner! She climbs to the top for the superfly splash...The Beast comes in! She catches Jungle Grrrl and chokeslams her!

Jungle Grrrl wins by disqualification

The Beast stands over Jungle Grrrl before finally leaving. Eventually...Jungle Grrrl slides to the outside to confront David McLane, screaming for a rematch. She wants Tessa Blanchard, she wants the Beast. "This is a game of dominoes...both of you are the next to go down."

That's the show friends.