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Drew Gulak welcomes us to the show from the backstage area. He says that the semifinals of a tournament is people's favorite, before he calls out Tony Nese for always choking in the big spot. "I own Tony Nese," growls Gulak. He promises to tap Nese out.

Nese is elsewhere cutting his own promo. He says that in the past, Gulak has dissected every little mistake he has made. "You have no idea what I'm willing to do to go to Wrestlemania," says Nese.

Promo from Oney Lorcan. He commends Cedric Alexander for his experience and his achievements within the division. Lorcan claims that it's nothing personal, but he will do whatever it takes to get through Alexander, and head to WrestleMania.

Finally a promo from Alexander. He calls Lorcan a bad man, but reminds him that the division runs through him, and tonight is the first step to retaking his throne.

205 Live intro song.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to the show, and run down the brackets of the championship tournament.

An Instagram video is shown from cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy from his hometown of Melbourne. He congratulates the four competitors in the semifinals, complimenting each man for their accolades. He says no matter who wins..."You just can't stop the unstoppable."

Cedric Alexander is on his way out for the evening's first bout. Oney Lorcan comes out second.

Cedric Alexander versus Oney Lorcan Semifinals of the Championship Tournament

Tie-up. Alexander forces Lorcan to the corner but the referee breaks it up. Second tie-up. Lorcan takes advantage with a hammerlock. Alexander escapes the hold. Headlock from Lorcan. Alexander tries to bounce him off the ropes but Lorcan keeps it applied. Both men get back to their feet....Alexander attempts a crescent kick but Lorcan ducks. Lorcan lands the first strike...chopping Alexander in the chest. Big uppercut from Lorcan. Alexander answers back with a dropkick. He lays into Lorcan's chest with chops and uppercuts of his own. Alexander tries for the lumbar check early...Lorcan lands a few elbows, followed by a running lariat and retakes control. Lorcan wears Alexander down with a waist-lock.

Lorcan hits Alexander with a running knee to the gut. More chops to Alexander's chest. Abdominal stretch from Lorcan. Alexander escapes but gets caught in the stretch again when attempting a clothesline. Alexander counters another knee strike and rolls Lorcan up. Lorcan kicks out but walks into a combo from Alexander. Signature handspring enziguri from Alexander. He strings together some offense ending with his step-through flatliner. Pin attempt...Lorcan kicks out at two. Alexander sets Lorcan up on the top rope...he goes for a superplex...Lorcan shoves Alexander off...misses a dive....running blockbuster from Lorcan! He goes for the pin...two count!

Lorcan goes for the half-and-half supex but Alexander has it scouted. He switches behind and goes for the lumbar check...his back gives out due to the damage Lorcan caused. Another combo from Alexander....LORCAN CATCHES HIM IN THE HALF-AND-HALF. Alexander kicks out! Lorcan can't believe it. He lays into Alexander with another series of uppercuts. He charges Alexander on the ropes...Alexander moves...both men on the apron...running clothesline from Alexander and Lorcan hits the apron hard! Right back in the ring...Michinoku driver! Lorcan gets the shoulder up! Alexander with some trash talk....he kicks Lorcan in the back. Alexander to the apron...springboard attempt...Lorcan surprises him with an uppercut! Alexander is on the top....LORCAN WITH THE HALF-AND-HALF OFF THE TOPE ROPE! He goes for the pin...ALEXANDER KICKS OUT AGAIN. Lorcan picks Alexander up....he slaps him. Lorcan fires back with three stiff slaps of his own. Lorcan tries to run away for a lariat...ALEXANDER PULLS HIM RIGHT BACK INTO THE LUMBAR CHECK. GOT EM.

Cedric Alexander wins by pinfall and advances to the finals

Alexander poses and points at the WrestleMania sign. Commentary team gives us the updated bracket.

Flashback to last week's episode when Mike Kanellis destroyed a local opponent before the bell even rang.

Backstage...Mike and Maria Kanellis are talking with Drake Maverick. Mike says that he has trained and wrestled all over the world. "I've paid my dues," shouts Kanellis. "I deserve better." Maverick agrees...and says that next week he will face one of the best cruiserweights in the world. Maverick warns Kanellis that he better take next week's opportunity very seriously, because he might not get another one after.

Promo from Ariya Daivari. He says that he's not in the championship tournament because he was handcuffed to talents that were lesser than him. He promises that in the next year,he's going to cause havoc at every turn.

Commercial for NXT.

Tony Nese is on his way out, which means it's main event time. Drew Gulak out second.

Tony Nese versus Drew Gulak Semifinals of the Championship Tournament

Tie-up. Gulak applies a headlock. He forces Nese into the corner. Nese responds by countering an arm-drag. He hits Gulak with a big elbow. Middle-rope moonsault attempt from Nese...Gulak avoids and nearly locks in the Gu-Lock but Nese rolls to the outside.

Back in the ring, Nese takes Gulak with an armbar but Nese uses his technical ability to transition into a headscissor. Nese sends Gulak to the outside with a dropkick. He fakes a suicide dive, then lands his cartwheel superkick spot. Nese tosses Gulak back. Vertical suplex. Knife edge chops from Nese. Gulak fires back with an alley-oop that drops Nese off the top rope!

Backstage...Cedric Alexander is watching to see who he will face in the finals.

Nice sequence of counters from both men...Gulak catches Nese in the Gu-Lock, but instead of applying it...he nails Nese with a reverse suplex. Gulak targets Nese's knee, dropping multiple elbows and cranking it over his knee. Gulak wears Nese down in the corner with stomps. He claws at his face before nailing Nese with more chops.

Nese reverses an Irish-whip and Gulak hits the turnbuckles hard. Nese builds up momentum up with a three-hit combo, but Gulak slows him down with a knee and a suplex. Gulak with another submission, but Nese powers out. Big flurry from Nese, that includes a spinning heel kick and a jumping lariat. Nese picks Gulak up in a Firemans carry...Gulak rakes the eyes, but Nese catches him with a Northern Lights suplex! Stiff big boots from Nese. Some trash talk. Strikes from both men. Nese misses his signature springboard moonsault but lands on his feet. Head kick. Split-legged moonsault from Nese with pin...Gulak kicks out.

Gulak surprises Nese with a rare dropkick. He goes for the Gu-Lock...Nese rolls out but Gulak is prepared...powerbomb! Deadlift powerbomb! Nese is out at two! Gulak goes for a third powerbomb...Nese lifts Gulak up and puts him on the top...open palm strike...top rope frankensteiner. Nese climbs...he misses a 450. Gulak again goes for his finisher but Nese continues to evade. Nice sequence of counters...Nese German suplexes Gulak into the corner. He goes for the running knee...Gulak moves...huge lariat! Gu-Lock is in...Nese uses the ropes and pushes himself over Gulak for the pin! He steals it!

Tony Nese wins by pinfall and advances to the finals

Nese is ecstatic. Gulak can't believe it. Next week...Cedric Alexander takes on Tony Nese in the tournament finals.

That's the show friends.