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Recap of last week's episode of 205 Live when Tony Nese defeated Cedric Alexander in the championship tournament finals to become the new number one contender for the cruiserweight title at WrestleMania. Following the match, champion Buddy Murphy congratulated Nese, but would later attack him from behind, standing tall over his former friend to end the show.

205 Live intro song.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. They tell us that the champion will address his actions before hyping the main event of tonight's show, Ariya Daivari versus Cedric Alexander.

Lucha House Party is on their way out for the first bout of the evening. Kalisto grabs a microphone and pumps up the crowd screaming "It's Lucha Time!" Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher, and Humberto Carrillo come out second.

Lucha House Party versus Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher & Humberto Carrillo

Metalik and Carrillo start. Nice flipping sequence by both men. Metalik with an arm-drag. Carrillo responds by locking up the wrist but Metalik escapes. Back and forth that ends with a double-flip staredown. Gulak tags in...angry at Carrillo for using to many high-risk moves. He gets send to the outside...the entire Lucha House Party fakes a suicide dive and pose in the ring.

Quick tags from the Lucha House Party. They target Gulak's left arm with strikes and tope rope axe handles. Dorado with a top rope crossbody. Metalik walks the ropes and nails Gulak with a missile dropkick. Dorado tags in and hits Gulak with a big chop. Gulak reverses an Irish-Whip. Gulak distracts the ref and Gallagher pulls Dorado to the outside to get the heat for the heels. Back in the ring...Gallagher wears Dorado down with a headlock. Kalisto gets the crowd to rally for Dorado but he isn't able to make a tag. Gallagher forces him back into his team's corner. Gulak comes back in, slamming Dorado to the mat and running through him with a lariat.

Dorado tags in Metalik, but Gallagher is able to slow down his offense by pulling back Metalik's hair. He tries to rip his mask off! Carrillo gets tagged in and lays Metalik out with a springboard attack. Gulak is furious and yells for Carrillo to tag out. Double-team from Gallagher and Gulak in their corner. Knee-drop and clothesline combo. Gulak with a rear chinlock. Metalik gets to his feet but Gulak clubs him back to the mat. Carrillo comes back in...corner lariat and a basement dropkick. Quick tags from the heels...Metalik hits a handspring back elbow on Gallagher and Gulak...he tags out!

Kalisto comes in hot. He nails Carrillo with a twisting springboard attack and his signature basement frankensteiner! Everyone gets involved...Lucha House Party takes everyone out with moonsaults and suicide dives! Kalisto throws Carrillo into the ring and climbs...Carrillo kicks out Kalisto's leg...Gulak joins him on the top for a double superplex...it turns into a tower of doom! Headbutt from Gallagher, superkick from Metalik! Shooting star splash from Dorado! Everyone is down! Kalisto charges Carrillo in the corner...Carrillo gets his feet up and knocks him down. He goes for his finisher but Gulak tells him to get down...they argue...Kalisto does the Salida Del Sol off of Gulak onto Carrillo! Lucha House Party wins!

Lucha House Party wins by pinfall

Lucha House Party celebrates while Gulak, Gallagher, and Carrillo all argue in the ring.

Backstage Mike and Maria Kanellis are being interviewed. Maria says she never doubted her husband's skill. Drake Maverick rolls through. He sarcastically says that he's impressed that Mike was able to use his wife to earn a victory, and that he had to save him from an angry Tozawa. He then sets a rematch between Kanellis and Tozawa for next week. He tells Maria that Tozawa will be accompanied by Brian Kendrick.

Promo from the champion Buddy Murphy. He's at the WWE performance center in Florida, which he states is for Tony Nese's safety. He calls Nese the basic model of what a cruiserweight wrestler is..."but I am a hybrid." Murphy guarantees that Nese will disappoint. Nese shows up from behind and attacks Murphy! They brawl until they're pulled apart. Nese screams at Murphy..."you were nothing until I brought you to 205 Live!"

Commercial for tomorrow's NXT, where the Dusty Rhodes Classic finals will take place.

It's main event time! Ariya Daivari is out first, followed by Cedric Alexander.

Bell is about to ring when Oney Lorcan's music hits. He walks down and sits next to commentary to watch the bout. He and Alexander have an intense staredown.

Cedric Alexander versus Ariya Daivari

Tie-up. Daivari with a takedown. He starts talking trash early. Headlock from Daivari. Alexander bounces him off the ropes...big shoulder block. Daivari goes for a stomp to the head but Alexander evades. They tie-up again. Alexander wins the exchange with a headlock takedown. Daivari breaks the hold...Alexander brings him right back down to the mat. He lands the first strike with a big elbow to Daivari's head. Dropkick from Alexander. He targets Daivari's chest with a chop. On the apron...Daivari kicks out Alexander's leg and he hits the apron hard.

Now in control, Daivari smashes Alexander's head off the top turnbuckle. He lays into him with jabs before decapitating him with a powerful clothesline. Daivari cranks on the neck of Alexander...he whips him to the mat before applying another chinlock. Alexander lands on his feet after a back body drop attempt...he goes for the Lumbar Check...Daivari has it scouted...superkick! Reverse DDT from Daivari. He goes for the cobra clutch but Alexander blocks it...enziguri!

Alexander starts chaining moves together....a three hit combo that ends with a basement dropkick. Alexander gets to the apron and lands his step-through flatliner. Every now and then he looks to Oney Lorcan at ringside, who is staring daggers back at Alexander. Daivari catches Alexander on the top rope...he ties up Alexander's arms and slams him to the mat. Pinfall attempt but Alexander kicks out. Daivari starts trash talking...that pisses Alexander off...brawl starts...Alexander with a stiff elbow. Daivari surprises Alexander with a kick from the apron. He climbs...frog splash! Cover...Alexander kicks out again! Daivari goes for the hammerlock lariat...Alexander avoids...he sends Daivari to the outside...tope con hilo! While picking Daivari up he steps up Oney Lorcan's jacket. Lorcan is livid...screaming at Alexander. Daivari takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Alexander up! Got em!

Ariya Daivari wins by pinfall

As soon as the bell rings Oney Lorcan jumps Alexander. The two men brawl and have to be pulled apart from security. Commentary explains that Lorcan is upset about his loss to Alexander in the Championship tournament. Lorcan lands a cheap shot before the refs finally pull him off. Alexander is on the ground looking stunned.

That's the show friends.