- The video above is the latest episode of Rollout: Season 2 from the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel. It's the fourth episode from the series and includes WWE Superstars Ember Moon and Alexa Bliss playing along.

- Since today is St. Patrick's Day, WWE.com shared a photo gallery of wrestlers that hail from Ireland. The gallery includes today's popular Superstars like Finn Balor, Becky Lynch, Sheamus, "The Beast of Belfast" Killian Dain, Jordan Devlin, and those from the past like Danny McShain, 'The Duke of Dorchester' Pete Doherty, Finlay, Skull Murphy, 'Irish' Mickey Doyle, Danno O'Mahony, Velvet McIntyre, and Davey O'Hannon.

You can check out the full gallery at this link.

- Tyler Breeze took to Twitter to ask, "Why did fashion files end?" The Fashion Files segments parodied pop culture mystery shows like Twin Peaks. For those who are like Breeze and miss watching the Fashion Files, can always check out this playlist of clips from WWE.com.

You can read Breeze's full tweet below: