WWE Hall Of Famer Rikishi Talks That "People's Stink Face" To Vince McMahon

WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi spoke with us about his legendary 30+ year career. In the second part of our interview below, Rikishi talks about his next stand up date on March 31 at the Improv in Brea, Calif.), why he decided to journey into stand-up. You can also support the big man at shows by sporting Samoan Dynasty apparel available on the Blackout Fight Gear website.


Below is the second part of our interview:

I thought when you said sit at the table you were talking about, well if they want to feel the Stink Face, they can do that too.

Absolutely. At our dinner table. You never know what is going to happen. I'm a big fan of comedy such as Cendric the Entertainer. One of my favorites was Bernie Mack. Now you have Kevin Hart. I like [Larry] The Cable Guy, Adam Sandler. I'm an old school cat. I'm a fan of Richard Pryor and also Red Fox. One of the greats in the business. I really feel with the trend of wrestlers that I think the comedy club is going to be the next hot thing for a lot of the wrestlers. I feel like the comedy clubs feel the wrestlers can draw, being able to come to their events. Not only that, but for the wrestlers to connect with our fans on a different platform.


What does the family think of this? Do the kids think you're funny?

They' are like, "That's my dad." I'm like a father on stage really. I don't try to be Rikishi. I go up there and tell the stories of being a father. They are very supportive. They are laughing at me being on stage. A lot of the family members are like, "Okay." Some of them are nervous I may tell their story. You never know. I may put it out there, a few stories about family members. It's all out of fun. It's all about love. With that hour-and-a-half that we are together, you can expect to bond together. You are going to hear my family's stories. You are going to hear of the matches I've had and some of the people I've farted on. Some people who appreciate the Stink Face. Even Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon.

I was going to ask you about Vince McMahon and how he felt taking the Stink Face.

I will tell you what. That was the real People's Stink Face. That was for all the fans out there. I mean how many times do you get paid by your boss at your job to put your ass in your boss' face? Revenge.

Last question. Is there anything off limits? Is there anything you won't accept a question about?

No man. When I come to these clubs, it's like I'm coming home. We are family, and we're going to talk. There are certain things we might disagree on or agree on, we're going to have a conversation. I'm going to let you know by the time you leave that place, you're going to know the real person. Not the real Rikishi cat. You'll understand who Rikishi was in the industry, but at the end of the day you're going to know about the Samoan, 425-pound, blonde, beautiful man.


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