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We see a video package hyping up tonight's main event of Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks in a falls count anywhere match.

Ligero and Conners are seen in self-made videos, explaining why they will come out on top tonight. Conners mentions how he only lost their previous encounter because he was having an "off day". Ligero tells him that's it's because he took his eye off the ball and he's too focused on the shiny new things of NXT UK.

Ligero vs. Joseph Conners

The match begins with both men locking up and Ligero pulls Conners in to a headlock. He comes off the ropes and Conners knocks Ligero down with a headbutt to the abdomen. Ligero comes off the ropes but just barely misses his tornado DDT on Conners. They lock back up and roll around the ring. Ligero comes off the ropes with a hurricanrana and a kick to Conners' head. The men exchange control in the corner until Conners manages to dump Ligero to the outside. Conners sets Ligero up on the apron and gives him clubby blows to the back of the neck.

Back inside the ring, Conners connects with a tilt-a-whirl slam for a 2 count. He wrenches at the chin of Ligero but Ligero comes off the ropes and turns a tilt-a-whirl slam in to a crossbody. He tries to follow up in the corner but Conners gets the best of him and comes off the ropes with a flying shoulder tackle for another two. Conners tosses Ligero for another 2 and then stomps at Ligero's face. Ligero tries to fight back with some punches but he's knocked loopy with a stiff clothesline to the face. Conners connects with a body slam and an elbow drop for yet another 2 count.

Conners puts Ligero in a version of the surfboard, with his knee digging in to Ligero's spine. Ligero fights backs and tosses Conners to the outside of the ring. Conners rushes in but Ligero reverses a back suplex and hits a swift flurry of kicks. Ligero with a springboard stunner for a 2 count on Conners. The men trade pinfall attempts and then Conners catches Ligero near the ring apron with a springboard DDT a la Johnny Gargano. Ligero knocks Conners head off the turnbuckle and gives him a crossbody. Conners delivers a backbreaker and an unorthodox facebuster for a close 2 count. Ligero and Conners trade a few more reversals until Ligero pulls Conners in a tight backslide for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Ligero

Ligero offers a handshake to Conners for their competitive match, however, Conners refuses it and walks up the ramp. Ligero celebrates as the crowd cheers him.

Backstage, Toni Storm is proud that she's overcome Rhea Ripley once again. Storm is ready for whatever is next for her. As she turns to leave, Jinny is standing behind her and watching closely.

Backstage, Gallus talks about how they deserve nothing but respect. Joe Coffey says that they demand the respect. Joe tells Pete Dunne and Walter that their disrespect is like taking food off of their table, but in reality, they are on the menu. Joe says that it's still very much their kingdom.

Also backstage, Walter is asked about the "disrespect" he's shown Gallus. Walter stares down Radzi and continues walking down the hallway.

Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley vs. Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel

The match starts out with Aichner in full control. He gives Howley a hammerlock, a power slam, and then he puts him in a full nelson. Stoker tags in but he gets slapped with chops. Barthel comes in and Stoker actually manages to get in a bit of offense. They exchange hot tags as they pummel away at Barthel. The momentum is short-lived. Barthel returns with a double forearm strike and a double underhand suplex. Barthel continues the assault and then tags Aichner back in the match. More hot tags as they take their turn pummeling the opponent in the corner. Stoker manages to fight back, using strikes to gain the advantage on both Barthel and Aichner. Howley tries to rush back in but he gets tossed in to the ring post and disposed of. Stoker tries to follow up but gets a kick to the face and a combo, tossing slam to the mat. They use a combo last ride/european uppercut for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel

Aichner & Barthel celebrate in the ring as we see replays of the match.

We see another vignette similar to last week, where Nina Samuels is hyped up. Her match is next.

Kay Lee Ray arrives in NXT UK next week!

Charlie Morgan vs. Nina Samuels

The ladies get started with a lock up that quickly turns in to a hammerlock that favors Morgan. Still, Morgan nips up and gets a wrist lock on Samuels. Samuels regains control and attacks at Morgan's arm. Morgan gets a sunset flip on Samuels but Nina pulls her up and tosses her by her hair. She hits a rolling neckbreaker for a 2 on Morgan. Samuels claws at Morgan's face and then puts her in to an armbar. Morgan breaks free and connects with a boot to her face in the corner. Nina ducks some shots but eats a kick to the face. Morgan with a flurry of offense in the corner and a step-up enziguri rocks Samuels. Samuels reverses the irish whip and catches Samuels. Samuels connects with an ushigoroshi necbreaker for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Nina Samuels

Pete Dunne is backstage and he tells the press that he's proven himself to Gallus time and time again. Whether he's teaming with Walter or not, Dunne promises that the next time he's in the ring with Gallus, it will be the last time.

Next week, Joe & Mark Coffey will face Pete Dunne and Walter in a tag team match! We also see Jeff Jarrett in the audience enjoying NXT UK.

Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks (Falls Count Anywhere Match)

The match starts out with hard action. Banks and Devlin meet on the ramp with punches and then Banks gives Devlin a vertical suplex on the outside. Banks delivers some chops to Devlin's chest as he starts walking through the audience. Devlin fights Banks off and then starts climbing the stands of the theatre. Banks chases after him and knocks him down to the floor a whole staircase below. Banks climbs up the barrier and leaps down with a huge crossbody down on to Devlin for a two count.

Banks sends Devlin back toward the ring with chops and strikes. Devlin pushes Banks in to the ring barricade. He then grabs a steel chair from under the ring but Banks shoves it in to his stomach. The men finally make it in to the ring and Banks delivers multiple kicks before finishing Devlin with a superkick. Devlin rolls to the outside, Banks comes out with a suicide dive, but Banks knocks him with the steel chair on the outside. Devlin is in control now, pushing Banks back in to the ring and mounting him with punches.

Devlin pops Banks with a right hand and then sets Banks up in the corner with a boot to the neck. Banks tries to chop at Devlin but he gets his leg kicked out from under him. Devlin connects with a backbreaker and then ties Banks in to a cobra clutch. Banks fights back but eats a urinage and a standing moonsault for his trouble. Devlin pushes Banks to the ring apron and strikes away at him. Devlin attempts another spanish fly on Banks from the ring apron but Banks pushes him on to the steel chair. Banks grazes Devlin with a double stomp and then pulls out a table from under the ring.

Once Banks has the table set up, he meets Devlin back inside the ring and unintentionally dropkicks Devlin in to the referee. Banks knees Devlin in the face and connects with the Fisherman Buster but there's no ref to count the 3. Devlin headbutts the snot out of Banks' face and then hits a picture-perfect moonsault for a 2 and 7/8 count! The crowd rallies for Banks as Devlin tries to pull Banks in to a spanish fly on the top rope. Devlin manages to get Banks in to a superplex. He then tries to follow it up with another vertical suplex but instead, Banks with a kiwi crusher for another close 2 count.

Banks and Devlin smack and forearm one another in the face. Banks with a Slice Of Heaven but Devlin dropped out of the ring at the last second. Devlin tries a pin on Banks, using the ring apron as an advantage. Banks notices that Devlin's leg is set up on the ring steps, so he gets some revenge with a few stomps on Devlin's knee. Banks comes off the steel steps with a double stomp on Devlin's knee, followed by an ankle lock. Devlin rolls through and Banks goes in to the barricade. The two men struggle on the apron until Devlin hits a spanish fly on Banks from the apron, through a table, and down to the outside for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Jordan Devlin