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Backstage, we see Sid Scala and Johnny Saint arriving to the venue for NXT UK. Sid announces that Kay Lee Ray will be making her debut tonight, along with a huge tag team match of The Coffey brothers vs. Pete Dunne & Walter in the main event.

Flash Morgan Webster vs. Wolfgang

The match starts out with Webster catching Wolfgang with some strikes and a knee in the corner turnbuckles. Webster continues the pressure with more punches and a springboard moonsault, however, Wolfgang catches him and clotheslines him down. Wolfgang with stomps and strikes to Webster’s abdomen. Wolfgang gives Webster a hard Irish whip in to the corner, followed by a version of a front-facing headlock. A clubby blow crumbles Webster’s body down to the mat.

In the corner, Webster flips over Wolfgang and comes back at him with a hurricanrana and a triangle dropkick that knocks Wolfgang off the ring apron. Webster with two suicide dives in a row on Wolfgang, followed by a topei con-helio splash to the outside, and then again inside the ring on Wolfgang for a 2 count. Wolfgang catches an elbow on Webster’s jaw. He then attempts a 6-1-9 from the ring post but Wolfgang catches him and begins ramming him against the ring post and the apron. Wolfgang with the Caber Toss for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Wolfgang

Wolfgang reluctantly gets his hand raised by the referee as we see replays from the match. He can’t help himself, and continues attacking Webster while he’s defeated.

Kassius Ohno announces that he’s officially a part of NXT UK and he will be the American to bring the classic British strong style. He says that all of NXT UK’s favorite superstars are just copycats and they don’t realize the opportunity that they actually have. Kassius Ohno repeats that he will bring authentic British wrestling to NXT UK.

Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams vs. Tyson T-Bone & Saxton Huxley

The match begins with Huxley and Williams meeting in the center of the ring. Huxley gets a shoulder tackle but Williams jumps up and manages to roll Huxley in to a pinning predicament for a two count. Williams gets Huxley down with an armbar, followed by a leg drop to his elbow. Jordan gets tagged in and tries to follow up on the arm. Huxley and Jordan exchange a couple of pinning predicaments. T-Bone gets tagged in to the match but receives some dropkick attempts from Jordan. Jordan is able to get a running crossbody on a sitting T-Bone.

Jordan gets caught in the wrong corner, he starts getting clubby blows and a hard knee right to his abdomen. Huxley swings Amir up to his shoulder and tosses Jordan across the ring with a body slam. T-bone comes back in and gives Jordan a delayed vertical suplex for another 2 count. T-bone puts Jordan in a cobra clutch, followed by a short-arm tackle and another clutch. Jordan gets a rollup pin on T-bone for a 2 count. T-bone catches Jordan in mid-air but Jordan wiggles until his weight forces T-bone down to the mat.

Huxley and Williams both get their respective tags, but Williams gets the best of it with a missile dropkick off the top. He then follows that up with a springboard back elbow, a pump kick that sends T-bone off the apron, and a big-back body drop that sends Huxley to the outside. Williams and Jordan do in-sync suicide dives that take out the opposing team. Williams and Jordan with their combo wheelbarrow splash/swanton bomb for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan

The two are surprised that they emerge victorious, but they celebrate accordingly as replays are shown.

Jinny is backstage being interviewed but she tells the interviewer that she is tired of hearing Toni Storm’s name, because the only thing she cares about is the NXT UK Women’s Title. She says that the only person that deserves that spotlight that comes with the title is her. She says to go ask Storm their questions as she exits.

Eddie Dennis is backstage and he says that he will return from exile to face British wrestling mainstay, Ligero. He says that Ligero is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he will be the next victim of Eddie Dennis.

Noam Dar comes out to the ring in his dress clothes. He grabs the microphone and tells the audience that it’s so good to be back in NXT UK. Dar says that he has traveled the word with 205 Live through his career, but the entire time he has been keeping an eye on the growing brand of NXT UK. Dar is excited to travel to Glasgow with the NXT UK brand. He reminds the audience that he has been with NXT UK since the beginning, and the people in the back can’t fill his boots. He reminds the audience of the times the NXT UK stars came to 205 Live and were gone quickly thereafter.

Mark Andrews interrupts him, hearing what he had just said about his time on 205 Live. He confronts Dar in the ring. Dar seems to try to reconcile, but instead, he gets an enziguri in the head and rolls out of the ring.

Backstage, Xia Brookside says that she’s very proud to carry the last name that she has. She says that it also got her bullied as a child, and more than anything else in life, she hates bullies. She says that Rhea Ripley is the biggest bully in NXT UK, and next time they step in the ring together, she will learn the hard way that she is not the same Xia Brookside as before.

A vignette hyping up Mike Hitchman and The Primate for next week,

Candy Floss vs. Kay Lee Ray

Things get going with Floss and Ray locking up and Ray instantly taking control of Floss’ arm. She contorts it in a wrist lock until Floss rolls through and gains the advantage. Ray rocks Floss with a right and then goes back to work on the arm. Ray uses the ropes to continue stretching out the arm of Ray. Floss goes for a rollup but eats a dropkick right after for her trouble. Ray stomps away at Floss and then audibly chops at Floss. Ray with a Widow’s Peak for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

Backstage, Moustache Mountain are excited for their continued opportunity with the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Bate recognizes that Zack Gibson isn’t ready to compete, but he wants a match against James Drake.

Again backstage, Sid Scala and Johnny Saint confirm that next week, Tyler Bate will go one-on-one with James Drake.

Pete Dunne & Walter vs. Joe & Mark Coffey

Mark and Dunne start things out, with the two clawing at one another’s faces as Mark backs Pete in to the ropes. They square up again, this time, Dunne yanks Mark’s arm back until he falls down to the mat. Dunne contorts at his arm but Mark rolls through and creates a moment of separation. They lock up again and Mark puts Dunne in a wrist lock. Pete nips up and regains control, stomping at the arm of Mark. Walter is tagged in and he continues the pressure on Mark’s arm, doing the exact same stomp to Mark. Joe tags himself in and goes face-to-face with Walter.

The two lock up and Joe puts him in to a headlock. This nearly turns in to a back suplex but Joe keeps the headlock on. Joe and Walter ram in to one another multiple times until Walter catches him in a sleeper. Walter gives one last shoulder tackle to send Joe down to the mat. Pete tags in and continues attacking Joe’s arm as he chops at his chest. Walter tags in and smacks the sweat right off the chests of the Coffey boys. They rush back in the ring and gang up on Dunne/Walter. The fight spills to the outside until Walter & Dunner drop the Coffey brothers on the ring apron with their own respective suplexes.

Back inside the ring, Walter stays on Joe’s arm and brings Pete back in to the match. Joe reverses an irish whip but Dunne comes off the ropes with a missile dropkick to Joe’s knee. He prepares for a surfboard hold but instead stomps at the backs of Joe’s knees. Mark makes a blind tag and then drops Pete with a surprise german suplex. Joe attacks Walter on the outside as Mark continues with stomps on Dunne. Joe makes an official tag in and repeatedly irish whips Dunne in to the turnbuckles, followed by a backbreaker for a 2 count.

Joe is tagged back in and the two continue stomping away at a downed Dunne. Dunne with a snap german suplex, followed by a kick to the back of Joe’s head that allows him the tag on Walter. Walter takes both mean out, Joe with a clothesline and Mark with a german suplex. Walter with a running pump kick and a seated senton for a close 2 count on Joe. Joe kicks Walter off of him and then continues the attack with clotheslines. Joe gives Walter a german suplex but it is returned with a reverse suplex for the two count on Joe.

Pete and Mark make simultaneous tags in to the match. Pete rocks Mark with a clothesline, stomps to his hands, and a kick. Joe eats a forearm as he rushes in to the ring. Dunne with a triangle moonsault that sees him jump to the outside of the ring. Inside the ring, Walter tags in the match and gives Mark a dropkick and a butterfly suplex for another 2 count. He puts Mark in a double-leg boston crab. Joe is able to fight off Dunne on the outside so that he can go in and save his brother. He chops away at Walter until Walter finally lets up and smacks down Joe.

Joe puts Walter on his shoulder and Mark gives him a spinning elbow in mid-air for the 2 count. Dunne and Joe fight one another until they spill to the outside. Walter puts Mark in a sleeper but Joe tries to help him out of it. The Coffeys end up caught in a double german suplex as Walter tosses them over his head. Dunne gives Joe an enziguri and then the double wrist lock in mid-air as Walter puts Mark in a sleeper hold. Joe finds his way out, and he slams Dunne on top of Walter to break up Walter’s sleeper hold. On the outside, Joe comes sprinting in to Dunne with a headbutt that sends him in to the barricade. He throws Dunne back inside the ring and tries to come after him with the title belt. Dunne thwarts him off with an enziguri and a shot that sends him outside of the ring. Walter and Dunner come face to face and exchange some heated words, but just as Walter goes for a pump kick, Dunne ducks out of the way and Walter’s boot connects with Joe’s face. Walter with the powerbomb and the 1-2-3 of Joe Coffey!

Winners: Pete Dunne & Walter

After the match, Walter and Dunne come face to face with the title laying in the center of the ring. As Dunne reaches for it, Walter puts his foot on the title and chooses to pick it up himself. He stares in Dunne’s eyes as he hands over the title and says a few more words. Walter heads to the back as Dunne watches from the ring.

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