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Johnny Saint and Sid Scala are standing in the middle of the ring to get things started. Scala jumps on the mic and announces that Pete Dunne will be defending his NXT UK Championship against a yet-to-be-determined opponent at NXT TakeOver: New York. Pete Dunne comes down to the ring as the crowd chants, "Bruiserweight!" He grabs the microphone and and tells them that he wants Walter, and then he immediately exits.

Toni Storm is backstage and she giggles at Jinny wanting a shot at her championship. Storm says that the one thing she has in common with Jinny is that they both love gold. She says that she knows struggle and hard work, and maybe that's why somebody privileged like Jinny doesn't like her. As she exits, she comes face-to-face with Rhea Ripley. Ripley walks up and tells Xia Brookside that if she keeps talking about her, she will defeat her just like she did in the NXT UK Women's Title Tournament. Ripley says, "Stop dreaming, little girl," as she exits.

Eddie Dennis vs. Ligero

Things get started with Ligero hitting a running dropkick on Dennis' knee. Dennis rushes after Ligero in the corner but he's evaded and eats a springboard stunner for a 2 count. Ligero kicks at the chest of Dennis. As he comes off the ropes, he's caught but still boots Dennis in the face. Ligero comes off the ropes as he tries to attack Dennis on the outside, but he's caught once again and suffers a uranage on the ring apron. Dennis with a boot and an irish whip to Ligero. Dennis wrenches away at the neck of Ligero. Ligero begins to strike at Dennis' abdomen but it's fruitless, he's irish whipped extra hard in to the turnbuckles for a two count. Dennis with a double forearm flying attack on Ligero. He then mounts Ligero and rains down punches on top of him.

Dennis forearms Ligero in his lower back and keeps stomping away at a wounded Ligero. Dennis tries another irish whipped but he's kicked away and eats a wheelbarrow facebuster from Ligero. The two reverse one another until Ligero strikes Dennis in the head with a kick. Dennis rolls to the outside but that doesn't stop Ligero, he comes over the top with a topei hurricanrana that sends Dennis to the floor outside. Back inside, Ligero follows it up with a splash from the top rope for another close 2. Ligero misses a swanton and is rocked with a clothesline. Another exchange of reversals ends with Ligero giving Dennis an enziguri. Dennis is then hit with a sunset flip powerbomb for a close 2 count. Ligero climbs to the top but his feet are taken out from under him. Dennis picks Ligero up and gives him a delayed superplex and a Cedric's Bridge in to the top turnbuckle. Dennis wants to finish him with the 1916 for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Eddie Dennis

We see replays as Dennis celebrates his victory and walks up the ramp.

Backstage, Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan are talking about their winning streak as of late. Jordan tells Williams that he should go tells Johnny Saint that they want a match for the WWE NXT UK Championships. Williams tells Amir that he bosses him around too much. He tells him that if he can do a specific version of a pull up, he will do something for him. A montage is shown of him accomplishing said challenge, and Williams is more confident that they may get a title shot now.

Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley vs. The Hunt ("Wild Boar" Mike Hitchman & The Primate)

Primate and Stoker lock up and Stoker ends up hitting Primate with a forearm. Primate returns the offense with a belly-to-belly toss on Stoker, followed by a clubby blow. Hitchman comes in and stays on the offense, grounding Stoker before he tags his partner back in. The Hunt uses a double body slam and an assisted senton splash. Primate follows that up with a german suplex that tosses Stoker in to his corner, allowing him to tag in Howley. Howley goes in full force on Primate, but it isn't enough and he eats a headbutt to the shoulder. Hitchman comes back in to the match and is tossed shoulder-first in to Howley from Primate. Hitchman with a huge cannonball splash in the corner, and then The Hunt team up for an assisted toss/back suplex for the 3 count.

Winners: The Hunt

The team celebrates as we see replays and the crowd applauds.

Ashton Smith vs. Kassius Ohno

The match begins with both men bumping fists, signifying that Ohno may be entering as a face superstar. He gains the immediate advantage and puts Smith in to an armbar, followed by a wrist lock. Smith floats over but Ohno quickly regains control as they begin chain wrestling. Ohno attempts a vertical suplex but it's thwarted off. Instead, Ohno hits clubby blows on the back of Smith. Ashton comes off the ropes a few times and dropkicks Ohno out of the ring. Smith tries gets a knee and a vertical suplex for a 2 count on Smith.

When Ashton finally gains some momentum, he fails at picking up Ohno for the samoan drop. Smith nails a pump kick, multiple forearms, and uppercuts to Ohno's face. Smith with a superkick and then he's able to perform the samoan drop for a close 2! He stays on the offense but it's short lived - Ohno hits a big boot and a double senton splash on Smith. He follows that up with the ripcord elbow "Dream Crusher" for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Kassius Ohno

Ohno actually acts concerned about Smith and speaks with the referee about his status as we see replays. Ohno does help Ashton up to his feet, but the kind attitude is short-lived - Ohno with another knockout shot on Smith. Travis Banks stares down Ohno as he goes to help Smith. Kassius acts like he's going to sneak up on Banks but he's stopped before anything can happen.

In a cafe somewhere, Gallus is gathered and going over their gameplan to establish dominance over all of NXT UK. Joe tells them that staying on top is just what Gallus does.

Tyler Bate vs. James Drake

We get going with Bate securing a hip lock on Drake but it quickly turns in to chain wrestling between the two competitors. Drake puts Bate in a wrist lock and flips him over, moving his focus to the entire left arm of Bate. Bate rolls through, nips up, and dropkicks Drake down. He puts him in a headlock but is shoved off. Bate puts Drake in an airplane spin for a bit until he releases and tries to follow up in the corner. Bate gives Drake a knee to the face but he's shoved to the outside of the ring.

Drake follows after him and tosses him in to the barricade around the ring. Drake tosses Bate back inside and locks Bate in a cobra clutch, eventually shifting to an armbar. Drake gives Bate a gutwrench suplex for a 2 count. James continues with forearms to Bate's back, followed by a headlock to a sitting Tyler. Drake hits a backbreaker on Bate for yet another 2 count. He continues on with a vertical suplex for a 2 count. Drake stomps at Bate and then wrenches at his chin as he's laying out in the middle of the ring. The "Big Strong Boy" picks Drake up on his back and rams him in to the turnbuckle. Bate nails Drake with fist after fist and connects with a standing hurricanrana. Bate then gives Drake a big back body drop, a knee lift, a reverse elbow, and an exploder suplex. Bate also hits a standing shooting star press for the 2 count.

Drake pulls Bate's feet out from under him from the outside and pulls him out of the ring. As he tries to toss him in to the barricade, Bate turns it around and throws Drake in tit. Back inside, the two experience some reversals until Drake hits an unorthodox tombstone toss maneuver. The two reverse pinfall attempts until Bate gets a close 2, then Drake gives him an enziguri. Bate springboards off the ropes and nails Drake with a lariat clothesline. Drake retaliates with a sprinting dropkick that rocks Bate in the corner. Drake climbs to the top rope and attempts a 450 splash but he's avoided. Bate gives Drake an exploder suplex in to the turnbuckle. He carries on with a corkscrew splash of the top for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Tyler Bate

Tyler celebrates his victory as we see replays.

We go to the backstage area and Scala/Saint confirm that Walter vs. Pete Dunne for the WWE NXT UK Championship will indeed take place at NXT TakeOver: New York.