WWE NXT UK Results (3/27): Pete Dunne And Walter Sign The Contract For NXT TakeOver: New York

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We see a graphic advertising tonight's contract signing between Walter and Pete Dunne, taking place just 10 days before they clash for the WWE United Kingdom Championship at NXT TakeOver: New York.

Jordan Devlin vs. Dan Moloney

The action gets going with Devlin and Moloney colliding into a collar and elbow tie up. Devlin uses his strength to back Moloney into the turnbuckles and leads the ref to believe he's going to break clean, only to audibly chop Moloney on the chest. Dan retaliates with a swinging right hand but Devlin evades and puts him in an armbar. Back on their feet, Devlin pushes Moloney back to the corner and continues chopping away at Dan's chest. Moloney finally gains the advantage and lays some stiff chops of his own.


Moloney doesn't keep control for long, as Devlin pierces him in to the mat with a uranage, and follows that up with a standing moonsault for a near 2 count. Jordan continues his attack by mounting Moloney and raining down a series of punches. He then strikes at the top of Dan's head with some elbows. Devlin nails Moloney in the abdomen with a knee and then keeps the pressure on with a variation of a cobra clutch. Dan is able to make it to his feet and clips Devlin with a knee strike. He follows that up with a couple of clotheslines and a big back body drop on Jordan.

The momentum actually sends Devlin out of the ring, but as Moloney goes to retrieve him, Devlin bounces his face off of the top rope. Devlin delivers a springboard cutter and manages another close 2 count on Moloney. Back on his feet, Moloney tries one more wave of offense but he eats a headbutt and a high-angle, back drop driver for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

Devlin celebrates on the top turnbuckle as we see replays of the match.


We see a graphic that advertises tonight's match between Noam Dar and Mark Andrews.

NXT UK's newest superstar, Kassius Ohno, comes out to the ramp with a microphone in hand. He tells the audience that he's come out to explain himself for what happened one week prior. Ohno tells the crowd that NXT UK management wanted him to deliver an apology; however, he doesn't like when things seem over-rehearsed and fake, so he wanted to come out and give the apology organically. The crowd boos. Ohno pulls out his phone and recites, "I, Kassius Ohno, sincerely apologize for my actions to Ashton Smith. My deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers to his friends and family. It was wrong for me to do what I did. I shouldn't have revived him only to knock him out once again, and it's something that I really, really shouldn't have done."

Even still, Ohno tells the crowd that he just couldn't help what went down. He explains that he could have gone anywhere he wanted after NXT, but he chose to come to NXT UK because they gave him a great offer and told him to make a statement. Kassius then brings up Travis Banks, and says that he didn't travel all the way to NXT just to compete against Travis Banks. He says that if the Kiwi Buzzsaw wants him in the ring, he'll leave the Buzzsaw busted and broken to bits.


We see a video package that centers around "Bomber" Dave Mastiff's journey to NXT UK, and highlights the various feats of strength the large athlete is able to accomplish. He tells a story about how he was taught to be strong and never show weakness while growing up.

Back from commercial, it is announced that Toni Storm and Jinny will go one-on-one for the NXT UK Women's Championship in two weeks. We head to the backstage area, where Jinny reveals that she's actually at the Performance Center in India. She goes on to tell the NXT UK fans that she was specifically chosen to come to India because she's a much better wrestler than Storm and way more marketable, too. Jinny says she will take the title away from storm because the UK and India need a real hero.

Xia Brookside vs. Rhea Ripley

Brookside puts Ripley in a waist lock right off-the-bat but Ripley shoves her off and sends her down to the mat. Ripley keeps on the pressure with a wrist lock on Xia, but Brookside uses the top rope to escape. She then puts Rhea in a wrist lock of her own. Xia continues with a headlock on Ripley in the center of the ring. Ripley keeps on Xia's arm, wrenching away at it. As Brookside tries to use her legs to break free, Ripley slams her down in to the mat. She ties Xia up in the ropes and uses her weight to crush her throat. Ripley clubby blows at the back of Xia for a 2 count. Rhea then slams Brookside's face against the top turnbuckle and proceeds to give her multiple shoulders to the abdomen. She then connects with a delayed vertical suplex, receiving a close 2 count from the ref. Xia gets a couple of shots in but ultimately gets pummeled for her effort. Xia with an unexpected inside cradle but it doesn't get the job done. Both women try for a dropkick and then Ripley puts Xia in an abdominal stretch.


Somehow, Brookside regains control and nails Ripley with numerous dropkicks. She keeps on the attacks with a bulldog and a headscissor takedown. Xia delivers a meteora to Ripley's back. She climbs to the top rope but gets a face full of fist that staggers her. After an exchange of control, Xia ties Ripley to the "tree of woe" and gives her a dropkick that sends Rhea to the outside of the ring. Xia climbs to the top rope and connects with a huge crossbody off the top rope and on to Ripley, standing on the outside. She tosses Rhea back in the ring, gives her the codebreaker from the second rope, and receives a 2 and 7/8 count. Ripley begins to overpower Xia, tossing her by her neck in to the turnbuckles and finishing the job with a Riptide.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Ripley grabs the microphone and asks why the women's division hasn't learned that they'll get ripped apart when they're in the ring with her. She tells Xia that she showed her what happens when she plays in the ring with Ripley. Suddenly, Piper Niven appears! As soon as Niven reaches the ring, Ripley retreats and limps up the ramp. Niven grabs the microphone and says that Ripley is no longer the most dominant woman in NXT UK.


Backstage, Isla Dawn is responding to the arrival of Piper, saying that she always welcomes new competition and she's especially excited to have a fellow Scotswoman joining the roster. Kay Lee Ray appears from behind Isla and laughs. She tells Dawn that just because they're all from the same country, it doesn't mean they're going to be friends. Ray tells her that she isn't at NXT UK to make friends, and perhaps Dawn will be next on her list of competition that she aims to get rid of.

We see a video package that highlights Walter's journey since arriving in NXT UK.

Backstage, Trent Seven reflects on the successful singles career that his tag team partner, Tyler Bate, has had. He mentions how Joe Coffey called him "dead weight", and Seven thought that was extremely offensive. He says that it is time to walk down Moustache Mountain on his own, and he's ready to face Joe Coffey in the ring in Coventry next week.


Also backstage, Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel are bashing Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams for the video they had made the week prior. If the next move for Aichner and Barthel is to dispose of the "jokes", then that's what they say they will do. The duo go on to explain that they're different from every other tag team in NXT UK because, to them, the ring is sacred.

Noam Dar vs. Mark Andrews

Things get started as both men meet in the center with a collar and elbow tie up. Andrews backs Dar in to the corner and the ref separates them from one another. This happens once more before they regain themselves and begin another exchange of reversals. The two try for dropkicks, armdrags, and other offense, but each move is thwarted off and we're at another stalemate. Andrews connects with a hurricanrana and and arm drag that he holds in to an armbar. Dar manages to back Andrews in to the ropes, forcing the hold to break.


Andrews retaliates with a 6-1-9 to Dar's abdomen, causing some distance. Noam tries to keep control, slamming Andrews' face against the top turnbuckle and kicking his feet out from under him. Dar nails Andrews with a running dropkick that sends him from the apron to the outside of the ring. Back inside, Dar tosses Andrews to the mat and then throws him groin-first on the top rope for yet another two count. Dar keeps on with a headlock takeover that sends Andrews' knees in to the bottom ropes. Dar with multiple kicks to the chest of Andrews, followed by a unique armbar. Dar with a headbutt to the abdomen but Andrews rolls through and kicks Noam away. Mark with forearms and chops, followed by a knee slide and an enziguri to the head of Dar.

Andrews delivers a meteora to Dar's chest, the Stomp 182, and a suicide dive from the inside to the outer part of the ring on Dar. Andrews ascends to the top and connects with the corkscrew moonsault for a 2 count on Dar. Dar gets on all fours and uses his back to trip the feet out from under Andrews, he then tries an ankle lock but is instead sent out of the ring. Andrews keeps on the offense with a triangle moonsault to the outside that wipes Noam out. Andrews bounces Dar's head off the top rope but he still kicks the feet out from under Andrews, forcing his face to slam against the ring apron. Dar tosses Andrews knee-first in to the steel steps but he somehow makes it inside the ring first. Noam then makes it back inside the ring and eats some forearms from Mark. Andrews with an unexpected rollup for another 2. The ankle lock is locked back in on Andrew but he just barely makes it to the bottom rope before giving in.


Dar goes back after Andrews' knee but he eats an enziguri for all of his trouble. Andrews with a springboard moonsault for another 2 count. The two trade right hands and forearms until, eventually, Andrews puts him in a backslide for one more close 2 count. Mark delivers a Stundog Millionaire for another 2 count! As Andrews attempts a reverse hurricanrana, Dar's knee seems to buckle out from under him, forcing the referee to stop the match and call medical staff to support both participants.

No Contest

We see continued replays as the medical staff attends to Noam Dar and Mark Andrews. The two are placed on stretchers and are brought to the back as the crowd cheers on in support.

We now know that Isla Dawn will go toe-to-toe with Kay Lee Ray next week. Also next week, Joe Coffey vs. Trent Seven!


Johnny Saint and Sid Scala enter the arena and we are set to begin the contract signing between Walter and WWE UK Champion, Pete Dunne! Scala welcomes the crowd before introducing the challenger, Walter. Out next is the champ himself, Pete Dunne.

As Dunne reaches the ring, Champion and Challenger stare eye-to-eye. Scala is finally able to gain control and get the men to sit down; he then expresses how important this match is for European wrestling. Walter signs his name on the contracts and never breaks eye contact with Dunne. Pete grabs the microphone and tells Walter that he doesn't has to say anything because he wants this match just like the NXT UK fans. Dunne tells Walter that at TakeOver: New York, he will learn that Dunne is the "Bruiserweight" and NXT UK belongs to him. Pete claims that the title is, and always will be, his as he goes on to sign his name on the contract.

Walter grabs the mic and requests Pete's attention. Walter tells Dunne how easily he can reach over and drive him through the table if he wanted to, but he doesn't need to do that to prove his point. He says that Dunne's time is up, and in New York, the reigns of the "Bruiserweight" will end. Walter claims that the title is his as Dunne holds it up in his face.