WWE Star Seems Unhappy With How They're Being Utilized

WWE's Tyler Breeze has taken to Twitter to speak up against how he's been booked on WWE programming during his stint with the company. Breeze even pointed out that things haven't changed much in the four years he's been on the roster, and he expects to work WWE's Main Event show tomorrow.


Breeze began with posting a somewhat vague message, writing, "Eventually you say, 'No Thank you I'm worth more....'"

A fan would quickly respond to the message: "Then they give you a $500 raise and a promised match on Raw". Breeze would poke fun at this reply, writing, "Is that what happens? See ya at Raw."

He continued responding to fans, including a message that reads: "Been underutilized or whatever you wanna call it for 4 years." A fan would then bring up WWE superstar Jinder Mahal and his lengthy journey in the company that culminated with a WWE Championship reign that began in May 2017. Breeze responded: "All the props in the world to Jinder. PS. This is the perfect example of someone (you) who has no clue how the inner workings are."


A WWE referee even reached out to Breeze to check on him, writing, "Tyler, tough day today?" Breeze wrote back, "No more than usual... see ya on main event tomorrow."

You can read the full series of tweets below: