Alexa Bliss Brings Up Sasha Banks - Bayley Drama

As everyone already knows Bayley and Sasha Banks didn't take losing the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 35 very well. The two were so distraught that they reportedly were lying on the locker room floor. Alexa Bliss has brought this back up because of a series of tweets from both Becky Lynch and Bayley.


Earlier this month, Alexa Bliss wasn't too happy when Lynch told Ember Moon basically that she was going to hit her so hard, that Alexa would be out injured again. Now today her and Bayley are making fun of her because of "hurt feelings" over Becky's tweets.

Yesterday, Becky Lynch told Bayley her not winning on SmackDown Live raised her ire a lot inside her body and she wanted to have a match soon. She ended by saying she hopes she doesn't hurt Bayley's feelings during the buildup.

Bayley then replied to her this afternoon: "Would love to. And I wouldn't worry about "hurting my feelings"....especially over Twitter. Let's just hope I don't hurt your chances of retaining at MITB."

Alexa Bliss noticed the shade, so she decided to throw some shade of her own. Bliss wrote: "Haha ok make fun of me all you want. Like its something new for u guys. Go comfort your friend. I'll save you guys a spot on the locker room floor."


Becky Lynch did reply to her tweet by stirring the pot with writing: "Get her, kween?and her stupid ponytail." She also added the hashtag, #BayleyfearsTheGoddess.

On this week's upcoming SmackDown Live, Bayley and Becky Lynch will be facing each other for the first time.

You can read the series of tweets below: