Being The Elite (Episode 145): Cody Talks To MJF, Brandi Rhodes And Allie, The Librarian

If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here's the recap.

* We open with MJF nervously entering a house, being as stealthy as he can. Cody is in the kitchen waiting for him and tells MJF to take a seat. Cody says he held MJF in his hands when he was a baby, saying he'd be the best in the world. Cody is quoting 2006's Rocky Balboa. Cody went on to say it was a privilege watching him grow, and then he said MJF changed. "It ain't about how hard you're hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward... Until you start believing in yourself, you ain't gonna have a life."

* After the opening credits, we cut to Matt's room, where Kenny does a Razor Ramon knock on Matt's hotel door. Kenny apologizes, says doing CEO on June 29th will be irresponsible. Matt says doing it would be an amazing idea, and tries booking Michael Nakazawa in a hardcore deathmatch. Matt then asks Kenny for a great marketing idea for the show.

* Allie and Brandi are talking to one another, with the latter happy that Allie is in AEW. Brandi says she can look past the history the two had; when Brandi got beat up back in Impact, Allie never showed up when she asked for help. Allie says she is sorry, and Brandi laughs and says she's joking. As Brandi leaves we see her giving Allie a dark stare.

* Kenny is trying to watch a video when there is a long creative commercial before it. Kenny pauses it and says they've been thinking too small. He brings up music, parties and villas as an option.

* SCU are in San Francisco, shouting Michael Nakazawa's name while doing their bit. Matt listens to the footage and is confused.

* Brandi is at Guaranteed Rate Field, home of the Chicago White Sox. She is introducing the sensory room for KultureCity, the first MLB stadium to have one.

* There is an ad for World Autism Awareness Day. On April 2 fans can buy shirts from Pro Wrestling Tees, with all proceeds going to KultureCity.

* Day two of C2E2 for Matt, Nick and Kenny. Marty Scurll's voice is heard in the background but he is not shown on screen.

* Joey Ryan is looking around nervously and MJF spots him. He says Cody, Nick and Matt are not around, and neither is that blonde girl. MJF says he has Joey's back, but requests to be paid. Joey doesn't give him much, hugs him and leaves. MJF gives the money to a few wrestlers to beat Joey up. Joey asks for MJF's help, but he casually tells them to stop while he checks his phone and calls Joey "Dollar Store Tom Selleck".

* Matt, Nick and Kenny are talking about the video requests they got for The Librarian gimmick. They watch the audition tapes for the first time, giving their genuine reactions. Leva Bates' audition tape is shown. Nick insists the gimmick is not going to draw. Matt gets a call from Tony Khan and he says they narrowed it down to one. Kenny takes the phone and says they need more time, and Nick says the gimmick won't work while saying "Punk" will never do this. Kenny ends the call and states that Tony wants the gimmick to work as it is the one thing he has asked for. If Kenny, Matt and Nick don't find a good Librarian that can bring AEW money, they are all fired. Kenny implores the BTE audience to send more videos as they need more time.